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  1. Hello all, Decided to join the community, can't remember how I stumbled upon it. maybe a url link. Anyways I think Im all setup here. Looking forward to helping and getting help. Because communities, especially those designed so well like this one, work. A group forum/chat/ or any interaction beats sitting in my room with my mind wandering alone. These work. So I thank the admin/designers and all those who help maintain this community. I look forward to delving deeper into the forums and other resources you all provide and contribute to. Finally, I found it.
  2. Hey guys, Just joined CB, seems like like a community with some respectable feedback. So,hello. Issue at hand: Around the clock jaw tension and headaches Prescribed: 2x15 mg IR Adderall 1x morning // 1x late-afternoon 30 mg XR Adderall 1x with 15 mg IR in morn 2 MG Clonazepam 1 MG Xanax Fioricet The pain in my jaw is located just below my lobes, closer to my temple than my rear neck, but still the jaw. I clench, I crack, rub, warm cloths, but still solution that ends with relief. Went to my GP and was prescribed Fioricet but have not recognized any significant relief. The only relief is on heavy benz dosages. I'm taking Magnesium supplements and my last option it seems is the mouthguard. Any suggestions? Experiences?
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