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  2. Only tried coke once and for me it was too short acting. expensive as fark here too. I wasn't addicted but a usual weekend was popping 10-15 ecstacy tabelts. quality was slowly going down hill to the point we had no idea what we were buying, we had these red dragons, I had one and it was enough to make me throw up endlessly hallucinate and ended up cowering in my bed (i have no idea how I got home) staring at the ceiling feeling like my skin was tightening around my body, I felt like I had no fat or muscle just skin and bones. Turns out they were chock full of ket and 2cp. Never again after that. But same thing, I was always chasing that first high. Had to take another friend to the hospital because I thought he was dying on me that was another fun weekend. so yeah uppers are just as bad.
  3. Monday is his first day back after holidays, He was going to India to visit his family. I'll give his office a call he might be back for the weekend. Cheers. Mine will be in India for the rest of the winter lol. Gave me 4 months worth of refills So can you contact someone in the meantime? Good that he sorted you out with a script.
  4. No, I have a phone and a laptop, I can't get my head around why I'd need a less functional version of either. If you could travel back in time to see one ancient civilization in its hayday, which civilization would you visit and why?
  5. Thank fuck it's friday

  6. I was addicted to valium for a loong time, from my perspective I was fine, I'd be popping them like m&ms all day long, but according to my friends I was fairly disfunctional for that time. Getting off them was a pain in the ass and I never want to go through that again. The bad far outweighs the good when it comes to downers. Thats my 2c.
  7. I just gave myself an undercut on my lunch break, had some pomade left so I'm going with the slick back look. (I've had the same haircut since highschool I'm now 25) Thankfully I had enough hair on top to pull it off, I was willing to just take it all down to a 1 if I stuffed it up. But I'm pleased with my handy-work.
  8. I don't usually like photos of myself but heres one I took on accident and actually kept. So why the hell not post it here!
  9. So I don't know what to make of this, last night i could hear 2 distinctly different voices speaking in a garbled non english fashion from what felt like the back of my head... internal but behind me? Never had anything as clear as this before but there were no discernable words? I didn't find it unsettling just different if that makes sense also. Both voices were male. This was about 2 am before i could sleep. Woke up at 7. Havent had anything since. I don't usually get auditory hallucinations apart from small bangings or I hear my name but never clearly like this.
  10. Monday is his first day back after holidays, He was going to India to visit his family. I'll give his office a call he might be back for the weekend. Cheers.
  11. Had never heard of these guys, loved it so cheers for that! Yeah will just have to talk to pdoc I reckon
  12. Over the past few days I've been quite snappy with my partner over small things like her not cleaning up after herself and other things I generally wouldn't be upset by. Pretty sure this is the beginning of hypomania again. Afterwards I usually feel fairly guilty and try to explain that I'm stressed or in a bad mood. I know everybody can get angry but it's very out of character for me except when I'm episodic. Today it happened at work. Thankfully it wasn't aimed at anyone and it was just me muttering expledetives as I passed through the office. Inbetween these pockets of anger I've been quite elated, getting along especially well with clients at work, possibly too well with some if that makes sense. Basically my coping mechanism is to remove myself from peoples company, have a cigarette and try to calm down. I massively overshared some stuff with a workmate at lunch and was completely unprofessional with some colourful types that lease a shed from me. Anyway I was wondering what coping mechanisms people have for this kind of thing. I see my pdoc on monday so hopefully we can med tweak or something before shit gets real. From past experience I feel thats not far away. So if my meds go awry which has happened before how do I run damage control. I'm thinking this is brought on by stress because our rental manager quit so I'm doing his job and mine. I haven't eaten lunch for 3 days now and I'm drinking coffee like it's water which probably isn't helping. My concern is I can be quite self destructive so if anyone has any advice I'd love to hear it.
  13. This! no energy, no will to do anything, zero sex drive. I'll literally sit on the couch and stare at the fucking wall, won't even turn on the tv or radio I'll be that flat. Personally for me these crashes are the worst part, not the most destructive, but I feel trapped in a sea of nothingness. hard to explain. I find being down easier to deal with because at least you can feel something, you know? But everyones diffferent. If anyone has any coping mechanisms I'd love to hear them I once thought my boss could read and control my thoughts. But that was mania, I literally had to escape the office. mildly off topic but do you feel as sheepish and almost silly afterwards, I'm usually a very logical thinker but when I get a little psychotic that goes straight out the window. I'm thankful that I havent had psychotic symptoms while depressed or while crashing.
  14. lol, been there too. I came home with a pick up truck and a brand new plow to go with it, yea the mrs was a bit upset. haha awesome, we can't complain though I can't imagine what nonsense I'd be upto if she wasn't keeping an eye on my spending. We did sit down and have a serious conversation about selling my van and one of my project cars to buy a ute (like an el camino for anyone not from staya, we love em) and she's happy if I don't spend more than I sell the cars for. So I have my eye on a ex RACV roadside assist ute. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1981-Holden-WB-ex-RACV-Ute-202-3-3L-A-C-Unmodified-since-RACV-use-/261721871009?pt=AU_Cars&hash=item3cefd6d2a1 (i hope posting that isnt against the rules?)
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