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    What interests? I have schizophrenia! I am interested in my pillow! Oh, and my cats, who are like little pillows with whiskers.

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  1. hi bucket, i am using your profile to try and reach you. we have had a misunderstanding. please come to chat so we can sort this out.


    shari (brightwing)


  2. hi lark.

    it's so weird: i'm leaving this note as if you were going to read it and respond.

    i don't know what the afterlife holds but i hope it's either serene and peaceful or thrillingly exhilarating. you know better than i do.

    i miss you lark. much love, shari

  3. My deepest sympathies, Jamie.

    Peace be on you, Lark.


    1. alltimelow


      Thank you I miss you so much.

  4. Hi Thomas! Miss you in chat. Be well--Brightwing

  5. Hey Bright, 

    I want to order something I found on the internet for you.  How can I get it to you?

  6. hi soul, love  your new avi!


  7. Thank you for the welcome it made my day better ty Brightwing

  8. Thank you for the warm welcome earlier. It brightened my evening. ^_^

  9. Hi and welcome. Yes, I too am having trouble with med efficacy, in my case in treating depression. Hi blood pressure complicates things in that many antidepressants increase bp. But anyway, I hope you find being here at CB rewarding. Hang in there!
  10. Hello and welcome. I can relate to the voices. Depending on who you talk to I have either Schizophrenia with MDD or Schizoafftive Disorder, Depressive type. You'll find lots of nice, schizy people here, try the forums or, if you're feeling social, try the chat room. You are wise to take it one hour at a time. There's really no other way to approach something like this
  11. I don't even know what to say. All I'm thinking is, you're better off without, but what to do about your daughter? I wish I had an answer to that. My parents were so screwed up that I chose to risk cutting my son off from them rather than to "keep the fam together" and expose him to their poison. Is that the answer for you? I don't know.
  12. I use trilafon (perphenazine) and it doesn't sedate me at all. But it's a typical ap and your doc might not want to prescribe it. It is dosed differently from Abilify and so I don't know how much you'd need (if it's even a good drug for you to be taking) and if you'd be drowsy at your correct dosage. Good luck!
  13. Hi goo i didn't realize you were newish too! Have fun in the forums (fora? whatever)
  14. From the standpoint of the chakra model, there is something to suggest that mania reflects an improper/premature movement of kundalini from the base chakra through the higher centres. It is not something to encourage, though. If you are a person familiar/comfortable with the chakra model and wish to discuss this further you are welcome to mail me through my profile. I am not sure you'll get what you are looking for on this thread. Take good care.
  15. i have a very polished plan. i don't bring it up with anyone. it is simply a part of a well-organized layout for my life. having the plan actually calms me down because it allows me to get right to the edge of intention and then i can talk myself out of it (thinking about the mess or the effect on fam) or call 911. it's not as miserable as having vague ideation with no plan, just some nonspecific but overpowering desire to end it all. that i find emotionally intolerable, and, to be honest, more dangerous.
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