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  1. @annabanana, If I am not diagnosed with anything, then why am I here? Well, just because I am not a part of the stupid fucking mental health care system does not mean that I don't have problems that are just as important as yours!! I am a girl alone in her world; this is why I post on all of these mental health forums, you see? Even assholes like me need somewhere to go!!!! And if you're going to be like that, then why don't you just shut up, not post on my threads and fuck off!! Since this is a pro treatment forum, should I simply leave if I don't want to go to therapy and all that bullcra
  2. I am listening to my cousins watching south park in the other room, since my phones puny little processor doesn't have the capacity to play music and browse the web at the same time.
  3. I am so pissed because my computer was confiscated and all of my hardware was confiscated and my other computer wont boot and I am having to post this from my piece of shit phone and I can't find my thread about how I feel like shit because my phone is so shitty and I am having to do this through an equally shitty web proxy which makes using the site even harder and I fucked up my signature but I can't fix it because technology is so shitty and I am so pissed and I feel like shit!!!!!!!
  4.     First of all, I posted it because I was really pissed at life and wanted to vent. Second of all, everyone on this thread keeps thinking that she is going to see right through it, but I think that I actually convinced her, she said that I could have my computer back on Sunday, which she confiscated. Mission accomplished .........
  5. Sorry if this is a little off topic, but I've been wondering ever since I joined here what the fuck a tdoc and pdoc are. Yes, I know, I'm a noob...
  6. THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is the email that I just sent to my probation officer, promising that I would behave in this group in order to get my second computer back!! Admire the way that I so falsely stated that there was so much I could learn!! Notice, in particular, my little bit of sucking up on line 9, where I say that I in particular can use to improve myself!!! See how I so cleverly referenced the first session, implying that I was actually paying attention and gave a shit about what they were trying to teach us!! Now that is a masterpiece of bullshit! Admire, my friends!!</sarcasm&
  7. youtube.com/watch?v=ErCAOMi5EGM http://youtu.be/ErCAOMi5EGM
  8. Nah, I'm not cold. I'm just chilling. TPBM likes cats.
  9. Sushi. Everyone seems to really like it, but the one time I tried it I was like what the fuck? Raw fish? Yeah, I don't get it. When was the last time that you brushed your teeth?
  10. ETA: I finally took my dishes into the kitchen yesterday. And now I already have two three more in my room. You just can't fight entropy, can you?
  11. ^^This. Except for the opposite reason.
  12. Computers are pretty much the only thing that I am good at. And I'm not even that good at that. I suck at everything else. I truly have no idea if I am seeing a therapist or not or what the fuck is going on, my life is kind of weird right now.
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