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  1. Yeah, they had complete control of me, like I was a robot slave. It wasn't a matter of me listening to voices, it was more like I was hooked up to the Borg collective and was being remote controlled. And I though the other students at the school were also Borg drones. That was the worst episode I ever had.
  2. Be careful, when things like that happen to me it is usually means an episode is coming. Those messages can drive you crazy. Now that I am on medication I don't get them as often, thank God.
  3. I smoke ocasionally. All alcohol does with my medication is make me want to take a nap but I enjoy a nice smoke every now and then.
  4. Well you have to be careful. Not all spiritual forces are good. Part of my recovery involes avoiding the occult. Leading up to my first break I could feel energy flowing though my body. I could even see energy, and I believe it is real. But I was also losing my grip on reality. Part of my recovery has involved staying away from the occult. I don't believe all spirituality is bad, but if what you are experiencing resembles the symptoms of schizophrenia you might want to try and back away from it.
  5. When I had my first Invega shot it took about a week before I convinced the hospital staff to let my go home. It took about two months for most of the symptoms to go away. I still have some symptoms but they are much more tolerable then when I was unmedicated. From what I understand its different for everybody.
  6. I don't know. You need to be careful about what spiritual forces you are dealing with. Some spirits aren't so nice and they will come disguised as an angel of light. If you have delusions, thought replication that seems to project your own fears that ain't enlightenmnent. If its an interest unrelated to psychosis then there may be nothing wrong with it.
  7. Well, I was supossed to get my injection today but my prior authorization is still in review. Then the mail order pharmacy my public aid insurance forces me to use can mail it to me within a few days. Hopefully I can get it in time for my appointment next week Tuesday.
  8. Well I have made an appointment for another doctor. It will be a week late none of that weird stuff will start before then.
  9. For the record, I want to comply with my meds and am doing everything possible to get them in time, but there is no support for the mentally ill in the state of illinois.
  11. Yeah, I have that too. Sometimes it seems like my thoughts are being broadcast to the universe and everyhing around me is reflcting them. Who knows? But the medication does help with that.
  12. Well I am on Illinois public aid unfortunately and making any changes is a big pain in the ass. I guess I am too much of a tax burden. My doctor is very sick and there is no one else in the office who can do anything, even fix the fax machine. I have to find a new doctor to prescribe anything. I am making all these embrasing phone calls with family visiting from out of state. Of course changing my medication to pills would require another prior authorization, then another one to get my injection. My hospitalization is going to cost a lot more then just getting my meds. No one gives a rats ass.
  13. Fortunately it looks like my doctor finally got the fax so hopefully it will be approved before my appointment.
  14. Anything anyone does is evidence that they are part of a plot against you. If someone looks in your direction it is because they are a CIA/Masonic/Satanic spy. The TV, radio, Internet,, and whatever anyone says contain secret messages only you can decipher and they are all out to get you. When you are in the hospital and they want to inject you with something to calm you down you think it is a lethal injection. For me it started with conspiracy theories that really make no sense to most people but I thought I had a special ability to find out the "Truth". Eventually the conspiracy theories became centered around me personally. And then the voices. It really sucks.
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