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  1. Austin --please say Austin ! Other wise that state is a hard row to hoe.
  2. goosechase 'gots' to get over "I just feel like God or the world is testing me"----the conflict is in your head not in some god's . 'road rage' is a non sequitur . it's the stuff of aged soap operas and old standup comic lines . suggest scouting a more effective p-doc and shifting focus away from woo woo gods to empirical cause and effect . works for me and doesn't harm anyone .
  3. Anymouse started this "If you were around in the 1970's you may recall all the studies that Ford Motor Company came out with showing that Pintos were actually safe". Safe--safe -- who considered safe when just starting out with a family ? Certainly not blue collar mutts ! ford pintos ruled ! thrifty mechanical men bought them for a hundred bucks and trolled the junkyards for driveline parts to keep them running for years . INMHO chevrolet Vegas sucked flies off walls and had no redeemable characteristics . GM manufacturing execs signed off on engines that could not last 40k miles . we used to get 100k out of Pintos and then drive them to the wrecking yards and put them over the scales and collect $25<$30 for scrap . NO vegas made it to the scrap yard on their own power . ----Mc Murphy's Law of Particle Beaters 1973
  4. cannabis is good for many things but like alcohol, it is far better to use it while in company . laughing like a fool is good for the mind . don't waste time praying but rather seek Pdocs . most, if not many don't find a competent one on the first go around . it's a 'soft' science for sure .
  5. smart money is on chucking superstitious stuff and riding with what ever science unfold in it's march to the future .
  6. block him - sort of a sympathy block yanno what i am driving at ?
  7. thirty odd years ago bradors was the bomb up there in canuk land . then again i was a machinist mate on a broke dick canadian salvage ship and like all the crew, had no money for expensive beer . ship's water tanks were fouled and we had no potable water - ship's master's solution=cheap hungarian wine - no lie/no exaggeration ! now in retirement i feast on everclear - you might want to leave that to the pro's
  8. aluminum foil, butterfly nets all at reasonable prices go to msn for deals . sorry, what else is possible when confronted with psychosis, other than make light of it ?
  9. FG, your fears are understandable but you are bat shit crazy and you have got to weigh the consequences of going forward with Docs or probably getting more and more depressed . no one is going to bet that treatment is going to put you on easy street but as you read the posts here you can find moonbats that have been stabilized and living a good life .
  10. all my life i ran towards psycho women - it has never worked out and now i am too old to bother again .
  11. well look at all the dingbat junkies active and reserve chiming in . We are so crazed, we are busted things that, i fear, can only be mended back into just an approximation of a sane human . the vast majority of people that i have known would rather eat dirt than shove a syringe into their mainline . we are fucking crazy ! true story here and it goes to nature/nurture i suppose but am not inclined nor equipped to ponder it . My son was jerked out of my life by a spectacularly nasty custody battle, followed by a even more vicious visitation fight that i caved into when he was 7 years old . along comes my boy who had come out of the blue and was writing me nearly illegible letters from Juvie . he had been living on the streets since he was 14 and it took nearly 10 years since the separation for him to get in touch with me . the shit bag stepfather who had set me up for a cleverly observed shoving match got a restraining order . He got physical with my son, when he was 14, and my boy clocked his ass with a microwave oven . That landed him in Juvie . so my son and i go down to mexico because we thought it cool to have a beer together as the drinking age in our state was 21. fuck convention sez I, 17 is old enough and we had lots to catch up on . well, even though smack was never used by his mother or i after conception, he took off assholes and elbows in Juarez to a pharmacy trying to score some sort of narcotic patches that i had never heard of . Well he scored some other stuff (bupenorphine) and some insulin syringes . after the beers that i though were what was gonna be the high spot of the trip we headed back across to El Paso and north to home in colorado . He wanted to fix soon after the run up north . And what do you think happened to my 20 year abstinence - sure a shooting we both mainlined the crap . that's a decade ago and i don't know what makes a fucked up human being a junkie but i am one although that was the last time i used . he is now working in the addiction recovery racket and as nearly as clean as i am . But, But, But we are both junkies and i wish i could say never again with a certainty that is cast in stone ! Well we ain't tweekers - that's a real good thing that is of some consolodation . addiction really sucks flies off walls .
  12. grains and greens ! you gotta junk the junk food ! eat a fish that hasn't been deep fried .
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