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    The night sky, my two cats, taking pictures, nature, gardening (flowers). Not much of anything keeps my interest for long. Some things are just habit.

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  1. Tip


    Samwise passed on in 2015, October 1.
  2. Hi Nestor, I've not been diagnosed yet for this but as it looks, I have schizoaffective disorder. I'm taking an antipsychoic along with the antidepressant I've been on for a few years now. I have been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and G.A.D. So far, my hallucinations haven't been threatening or scary. I've seen shadow (what I call the dark forms without detail) cats, shadow cars going down the street, shadow people walking..one of which was leaping through the air as it went along. I have seen cars and cats that are realistic looking. I watched the printing on a cardboard box turn into a black spider and walk away. I'm not afraid of spiders and besides, this one was small. I watched the eyes on a statue of Jesus look toward me (I was standing about 8 feet away and off to the side.) then back again. I saw a headless giant stick figure person go around the corner of my house. None of these frightened me but I was certainly confused and taken aback! The most startling thing was when I was at someone's house and the floor of the room was curved. I heard small animal feet running and then I saw a four legged monster that was about 2 ft. tall at the shoulder run by me. It startled me but I wasn't afraid of it. I was more afraid of the feeling of being so ill in my brain. Felt like my mind swimming in sick water. The hallucination that put me in peril was when I walked out in front of a car because I understood the green light to mean the oncoming car would stop. Fortunately, the driver was going slowly. All in all, I think I've been lucky. I'll keep telling myself that.
  3. Tip

    Tip's Mind 2

    Pictures that are not so much to do with my mind. Or maybe they are..just in a different way than the Tip's Mind 1 photos.
  4. Hi Goddessone, Thank you. I want to come here more often than I've been since joining. Hopefully, I'll feel more and more comfortable. I'm glad that it's been a great support for you. Namaste
  5. Hi B.J., Nice to meet you and Welcome! Glad you are here too. Yes, I do know..someone might see me. Sure, we can talk privately. Thank you for that. Sorry it took me so long to answer. I've been wandering in the fog. Message me anytime. Take good care, Tip
  6. Hi, A poppy garden sounds wonderful! I'll check out the site. Thanks. I mainly photograph nature. Do you have photos in the gallery here?
  7. Hi Aiden, As I said, sometimes it feels like my interests are thing I used to be interested in. I try to keep a pattern to these things even when I don't feel like it. Not always successful. I agree with you..great site! Glad I found it.
  8. My name is Tip and I joined last November but didn't come around much until the past few days. I like it here. Dx - Major Depressive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety, Avoidant Personality Disorder. Rx - 100 mg. Zoloft daily I see a therapist about every two weeks and a psychiatrist about every two months. My own mental health management includes working out, taking pictures, my dog and cat, walking with my dog, astronomy, space programs, the International Space Station (ISS), flower gardening, nature and more. Practicing mindfulness has shown to be beneficial to me but I do stray from it. I usually..always..sometimes..write down daily things I need/want to do (Divided by morning, afternoon and evening.) If I don't, it's a hit or miss situation. Oftentimes it feels like the interests I "have" are actually interests I once had. Sometimes it's scary. I am glad to be here! Namaste
  9. Tip

    Tip's Mind 1

    Pictures taken that have helped me express what I'm going through, what is on my mind, my feelings...etc. The titles along with the images.
  10. Tip

    Gold Buddha

    These are wonderful! I especially like the Buddhas.
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