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  1. Sorry to hear this its very sad news. I hope u get courage to find a new one.
  2. I want to get my old life back, before i got sick. Where i can go out a lot like i used to. Even to go back to studies would be good.
  3. 8 months ago i had my first epiaode and since taking meds evertything cleared up straight away been psychoses free since first ep.
  4. Not sure if i have depression but ive been put on meds for it cosi have this problem. Longest I've been without a shower is about two weeks. I just cant find the strength to get into the shower so i dont shower unless hubby tells me to. After a while he starts noticing that i smell or havnt had one. I notice ive been like this a week after i got home from hospital. Its probably a combination of meds, depression and psychoses.im slowly getting better at showering because im going out a bit more. I make the effort when i go out still its a struggle.
  5. I feel like this not sure if due to depression or psychosis or my meds but i wish i felt something other then what feels like nothing.
  6. I know its not for everyone but i latley have been praying to the prince of peace (Jesus), and found it helps a lot. Got nothing to loose by trying so i gave it ago.
  7. It feels like i have no feelings. I dont seem to have any emotions. Would this be MI or meds? Does anyone else feel like this?
  8. I don't think its a choice i currently dont feel anything so hard to make myaelf feel happy.
  9. I struggle with this too nothing seems to help me to get up and do the house
  10. Lack of energy/motivation. Unable to concentrate hold a conversation. Lack of appetite. No intrest in anything
  11. When i was in the mental ward i wouldnt drink the apple juice because it smelt like alchol.
  12. 8 months ago is when i had an episode i havnt had one since. When i had an episode i thought an occult where after me for my life insurance that they where watching me through the tv and communicating with me theough it. I thought they had cameras in my house and where watching everything i did and where living next door to me. I went into the city where obeyed traffic lights thinking it was a game my x friend and ellen DeGeneres was playing on me. I hallucinate talking to a former friend online and we where in love.
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