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  1. Why do you feel so much shame? Why do you feel you can't tell your tdoc, is he/she judgmental? I know I've told mine shit that was locked in the dark mental box that I thought I couldn't open with anyone. Please don't delete this. Maybe we can help.
  2. I fail to understand why anyone would join any site, MI wise or any other, and then say it's stupid. Or whatever negative thing. It's like when people join a fb page or whatever, and then talk about how dumb/stupid/awful/etc it iis. That's like buying a medicine and then saying it's stupid before you even take it or watching a whole series of a TV show and then saying how awful it is. Why the fk would anyone do that, unless they are a troll?
  3. I usually poop after my second cup of coffee like clockwork. I'm slightly, er, well not constipated, but it's definitely harder and sometimes it takes awhile for things to move. I think it's the lamictal. After decades of the opposite problem, partially due to lactose issues, I'll take the little extra effort. At least I don't need to scope out the bathrooms whenever I go out of the house. I do hate pooping in a public bathroom. It's nice when it's just a single bathroom instead of a row of stalls.
  4. Thanks, VE. I slept very well, thanks the gods! No RLS ....I have a really hard time with Benadryl, it makes me crazy speedy. Luckily, I didn't need anything but thanks for the tip.
  5. Has anyone tried seroquel initially and quit due to side effects, and then had success with olanzapine. I've just been put on olanzapine as an emergency prn and I'm worried I'll get the awful restless legs I did with seroquel. And why the hell am I bugging you people with this when I'm leaving in 5 mins to pick it up anyways. I've just had such bad luck with a few antipsychotics. Feeling needy and anxious
  6. The call me the space cowboy, they call me rapid cycler. Nobody calls me Maurice.

    1. dragonfly23


      I am your sister rapid cycler.....I will call you Maurice if you would like.

      I think of myself as a quick change artist, sounds sorta cool that way. Lol

    2. goddessone


      Lol, please don't call me Maurice, although he was my favorite Bee Gee.

  7. Spiders have two spinnerets. One makes a sticky,silky thread, and the other makes one that is soft and silky. If you watch a spider on its web, it will only touch certain strands, the non sticky ones,or be caught herself. The things I learn from bodice rippers..I mean from the book that is the inspiration for a very popular series on starz. PS. Love Carlin. And Monty Python.
  8. Thanks just...waiting to hear back. Going to call again tomorrow, too, if necessary. I may need to better stress the extent of my hypomania.
  9. I really don't want to go on anymore. I need a break from the constant brain whirring. I have to hide it from J. I can't hurt him anymore . Look, I'm fine! You haven't failed me!
  10. I only go on lately because I cannot hurt the husband after all he has stood by me through. Otherwise, fuck you brain, world and especially bipolar, you evil, nasty bitch.

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