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  1. I don't do that (I don't think) but I do often completely forget what I'm talking about in the middle of a conversation.
  2. First I was diagnosed with depression. Then it was bipolar 2. Then it was borderline personality disorder (despite having none of the symptoms). Then it was bipolar with psychosis. Then I was told I don't have bipolar and there was nothing they could do for me. And now it's been changed again and been made official...schizoaffective disorder. All the symptoms fit and it makes perfect sense. Several doctors have mentioned it to me but until now it had never been made official on my medical files. It doesn't change anything really, it's the same meds but it gives me peace
  3. It depends on what you're paranoid about. Paranoia is different for everyone. For me the paranoid delusions are that people will take my thoughts and insert new ones. I also get paranoid about people wanting to hurt me. I also get paranoid about signs, like people making secret hand signals, then I obsess over it all day, then I get worried because I start thinking they know I'm thinking about it. I do at times get worried about putting things on the internet but when I do I know it's time to take a break.
  4. Yesterday I went to the beach (it's summer here in Australia). I hadn't been to the beach for several years because I put on so much weight from the anti psychotics and making bad dietary choices but I decided to put my fears about my body to the side and embrace the love I have for myself. I threw caution to the wind and went into the surf with my swimming costume on and with all my fat there for the world to see and you know what happened? Absolutely nothing. Everyone was too busy doing their own thing. It was a lovely swim. After I got dressed I was walking to the bus stop when a young teen
  5. They don't happen for me in dreams though but in real life when I'm awake. Thankfully it's not a constant problem.
  6. I mean it's not listed as a symptom. It's usually just hears voices. has delusions and paranoia (as well as other stuff). No mention specifically of screaming voices. I had no idea this was a thing until it happened to me. I thought only I got screamed at but nope apparently not. No one told me it was possible. I see lots of people talk about it but no doctor has ever asked me if it happens and I don't think it's listed as a symptom in the DSM.
  7. Where do I start?... Doctor 1: It's your fault you're going through depression. You're unhappy with your life (I wasn't). When I tried telling him that I'd been hearing voices he scoffed and got up and walked out of the room refusing to listen to me. Doctor 2: After my meds were reduced my symptoms came back. When I was hospitalised and told the doctor he said oh right and then reduced my dosage even more. The symptoms got worse. Doctor 3: After telling him that the meds (or dosage) I was on weren't working he started yelling at me telling me the meds were great and that I was wrong
  8. I've had voices scream at me before. Can never work out why. When diagnosed with any type of psychotic disorder hearing voices is a common symptom. I've seen many people mention that they hear screaming voices I'm not the only one so why isn't this a symptom as well?
  9. For ages I've been feeling great, I was running around collecting props for a food photography assignment I was doing for my photography course and really enjoying it as food photography is something I would like to pursue professionally. Then suddenly I started feeling flat and unmotivated. I'm not unhappy or upset or sad or anything like that so I doubt it's depression. Nor am I my usual happy self. I have little to no motivation, I can't concentrate, my sleep has been disturbed for over a week because I keep having horrifying visions day and night and everytime I close my eyes at night they
  10. This is how I'm feeling. As much as we got along when we were younger, I need to protect myself and being someone's emotional punching bag is not something I want to go through again. Been there done that got the issues to show it. Maybe if my cousin recognised that she needs help I might be willing to give her a chance but until then I can't risk it.
  11. Thank you Juniper. I think you're right.
  12. You believe you're going to be a world famous musician so go out and buy a guitar despite having never played and not having a musical bone in your body.
  13. I apologise that this is long. I've kept it as short as possible. I'm looking for some advice. Basically I want to know if I'm overreacting due to a previous situation or if I'm right in recognising there are red flags. First a bit of background information so you understand why I feel the way I do about the second situation. I was friends with someone for about 10 years. To cut a very long story short, during those 10 years she would often put me down, criticise me blame me for things she had done, she sent many abusive text messages and phone calls, constantly gaslighted me an
  14. Anxiety: you're worried about something happening even though you most likely can tell yourself it isn't but the anxiety will tell you that it will happen. Paranoia: you're convinced without a doubt in the world that it's happening and nothing and no one will convince you otherwise. That's how I differentiate between the two.
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