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  1. I've done it for years. I'll chew them til they bleed and have sores all in my mouth. I never associated it with anxiety but that's a very interesting thing to think about.
  2. I feel like our brains are all confusing ass puzzle pieces that we could spend our entire lives trying to put together and never succeed.

  3. I'm still trying to figure out my mania and mixed states but the past week or so I've had the agitation, talking too much, sense of urgency, etc. It's amazing to me that I've gone through 33 years of life not realizing these were episodes. I also have a lot of trouble focusing. I have several tasks to complete and have to sit there and think about what I'm supposed to do next. A lot of confusion..which is why I've always thought I was ADD. I also believe I am bi polar with depression and GAD. I also get angry at people to the point where I wish they would die....I don't know how that ties into all my mental issues. I feel like our brains are all confusing ass puzzle pieces that we could spend our entire lives trying to put together and never succeed. Anyway, the point is...I feel your pain!
  4. I am constantly diagnosing myself my bastard doctor's office gave me an appt over a month away when I'm pretty sure I need help now. I think I'm bi polar with pretty much constant mixed episodes. Is that even a thing? Maybe I'm full of shit. ugh!!!

  5. Highly irritable today. =(

  6. I was on a fairly low dose of Lexapro and only for a short time but I was amazed at how vivid they were and still are. Thanks for the responses.
  7. I have tapered off of Lexapro and am not currently on any meds. I was only on it for a couple weeks. I haven't really noticed withdrawals however my dreams are crazy and scary. Has anyone had a similar experience? In one dream...I was at a party and a huge plane crashed...there was blood and body parts everywhere...we checked it out and went back to partying. In another...there was a dead woman on the street and I stole her money and some other things. In another dream...I had picked something up from an empty apartment and it had the corpse of a child in it. The common theme in these dreams seems to be a total disregard for human life. I've never had such wild dreams. I think the Lexapro made me completely emotionless which is what I wanted but it seems to have carried over into my dreams. Thoughts??
  8. I'm like that too. I was really focused on learning German for a while...not long enough to do much good tho (lol). I was also focused for a while on learning about genetic disorders. Now I'm focused on learning about mental illnesses and meds because this is the first time in my 33 years of life that I am seeking help for mine.
  9. add me on snapchat. letsgetlost1981

  10. Thanks Irishgal...good luck at your appt tomorrow. I did in fact write down everything I could think of to tell the tdoc at my first appt. It helped.
  11. Welcome! I am pretty new as well. I have yet to be diagnosed however many have been mentioned. MDD, GAD, PTSD, BP and an alcohol use disorder. I have a Pdoc appt on January 7th. Hopefully, I'll get some clarity then. I have always thought I had ADD but like I said...not diagnosed. I begin group therapy this Thursday. You are definitely not alone. There are a lot of good people here!
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