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  1. I carry a cyclothymia Diagnosis. I haven’t had depression for years - and I don’t cycle hard/long/severe enough to carry a bipolar diagnosis. Some days I don’t function and shut everything out. Some days I want to paint the entire house and re-tile everything starting at ten at night despite having to work the next day. Some days I have the most amazing ideas and I can get 8 hours of work done in 2 hours. but it’s hard to describe and define.
  2. talk to your doctor about finding the right balance of meds - especially if you aren't entering psychosis over your voices.-(because voices can be liars and provide false information.) It doesn't matter if others can't hear them, or don't have them. Let your doctor know what the benefits of your voices are and how they affect your quality of life. And if your doctor is still concerned, work out a safety plan to watch for strange behaviors that can put you at risk in the community or at home. Your doctor is there to support you! You aren't there to appease your doctor! So enlist his help in fi
  3. How's your reality testing with your voices? What risks are involved with having them around?
  4. Hi Melli! I am a counselor for dual diagnosed individuals, and I found your original post very insightful and refreshing. I found it because I searched Google for examples of reality testing for schizophrenia. So far I haven't found much beyond checking in with trusted people. But when you mentioned not getting caught up in the muttering, it made me think of a client who hums when the urge to respond to the voices is too strong to remain silent. Whether the words behind the humming are repetitions of what the voices are saying, or a positive response to negative input, I am unaware. But a lo
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