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  1. Should my meds be lifting me from my depression (no anxiety) and lack of zero energy or is this something we just deal with Thanks
  2. My problem too. I haven't been manic in almost 8 months. It seems my depression is keeping me from doing anything unless I exercise right in the morning. Should our medicines help this or do we have no hope?
  3. I have lots of weight and cant stop eating
  4. I have anxiety over everything. I keep telling myself life is short
  5. Most all of the doctor's nurse practitioner psychiatric are not giving out benzodiazepine. Are psychiatrist also going to stop giving that out?
  6. It sounds like you may be having withdrawal from tapering off of two medications
  7. Hi friends I went to counseling 3 times last week with 3 different counselors. I was unsure if my normal counselor was giving me good advice. Could this cause anxiety this week? Maybe a delay anxiety
  8. Can a multivitamin cause anxiety mixed with medications if you have bipolar
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