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  1. Hi💓 Can anyone who quoted delete your comment so i can delete the thread? Thank you Im just getting some personal information off
  2. Hi💓 Can you delete your comment so i can delete the thread? Thank you Hi💓 Can you delete your comment so i can delete the thread? Thank you
  3. Thank you. I am on medications. I have not been institutionalized. I have not been sleeping well last week and eating tons of sugar. Could the sugar contribute
  4. Its been such a long 20 years. Im waking up with depression right now. Life seems like i have a puppet master. Normalcy then crisis. I feel im allowed to live in society but should be institutionalized. Anxiety and depression make me feel like, life speed through and end quickly!
  5. I have no reason to be depressed. For the last week I havent slept well.( cold, and child) For 2 days I have but still for those 2 days Im having morning depression. This is bad too. Not normal oh I feel down.
  6. I had to take tylenol for pain and im depressed today. Do any of you who take cymbalata or lamictal have this problem with tylenol
  7. Thank you. Ive tried sleeping separately
  8. My son occasionally wakes me up at 3 or 4 am and we go back to sleep. But the whole next day im tired and i need two hours or more of sleep. Does this effect anyone else in this way? I cant have caffeine bc medication. My spouse goes through the day no tiredness as if it never happened. All i have to do is read 1 page and im asleep. I hope me needing extra sleep is normal for someone with bipolar ocd. I always start thinking other things
  9. I read it is 2.6 of the U.s. population. Is that 1 in 5? 1 in 20? It doesnt seem like much. But Im trying to stay alive today and want to feel alot are going through the same thing.
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