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  1. I did not tell Dzo to go and kill himself. Period. Nor did I ask him for his address, but he proceeded to give it to me anyway.
  2. Thanks for throwing me under the bus...I've never done any of those thing you've accused me of.
  3. Watch "Leaving Las Vegas." It's not a fun way to go. I empathize with your pain but you have to find a better way to deal with it than alcohol and drugs. That path tends to be a self-reinforcing cycle.
  4. Diet and exercise do help me, but only at the marginal level. In other words, I don't think diet and exercise alone will fix any sort of serious chemical imbalance, but it certainly can augment the effect of AD's. I'm sure this effect will vary from person to person. Also, the benefits of exercise, strictly for mental health improvement, were stronger for me when I was younger. I'm not sure if it was because I exercised harder when I was younger, or whether there were other variables involved. Although I don't have the citation handy, there are studies out there which put exercise on par with
  5. I would give an MAOI a try before you resort to ECT. You want to exhaust all pharmaceutical options before you proceed to that step. I think ECT should be a last resort. I have the same fears about ECT, destroying memory and such. I'm not sure if that's a valid criticism because I know it has helped some people and some don't have any major decline in their memory. You might want to consider the fact that you're suffering from clinical depression and as a result, your outlook on your life might be clouded. If you treat the depression, you might find that your outlook might change.
  6. ^^THIS for me too. I was actually thinking of this yesterday, how there would be no way I could go back to college and do everything I did throughout college. It isn't that "simple." That is definitely not the issue for me. Practicing won't make things better. I don't mean to say you'll go back to your undergraduate years. Heck, I stopped being able to pull all nighters when I hit my 30's. But aerobic exercise, AD's, and mental exercises seem to make a positive difference for me.
  7. Not necessarily "cognitive decline," as much as out of "cognitive practice." Intelligence doesn't simply go away and the brain is actually very pliable/elastic. You simply have to practice more. And it comes back pretty fast. However, I think it is harder for me to pick up a completely random new subject than when I was younger.
  8. I sympathize with your situation, but at the very least, try to find a pdoc who is willing to give an MAOI a try. You don't need to combine it with a stimulant. I know it's hard to locate a doctor that will prescribe an MAOI. It could take a year of looking. However, I wouldn't give up on it. It seems like that's the only drug that will help.
  9. If you're willing to wait, then Abilify might be a good choice. It only recently went generic. The generic is in stock at pharmacies but it will take some time before the price of it drops. The last I checked it had dropped in price by about 25%. Still, for a medication that costs $500, that isn't much of a drop. At the same time, the makers of Abilify, have just recently introduced a new atypical antipsychotic called Rexulti. It is supposed to be the follow up drug to Abilify because they are structurally similar. There is a chance that this might hasten the price drop in Abilify. If you go t
  10. Are you sure it wasn't some malware that somehow examined your browser cache files?
  11. I think sending a private message saying you disapprove of their behavior is an appropriate response. There might be unintended consequences if you do it in an open post. It's a delicate balance, because if someone said that in a public place such as work, you would probably respond immediately. However, since social media is quasi-public (you choose who you friend and what posts you see), it's probably a little different. But, as you said, it's easier to just unfriend.
  12. Yes, that's one way of looking at it. It actually applies to a lot of different areas in the social sciences. Human beings look for patterns in seemingly random events.
  13. I can't speak as a medical professional (tdoc or pdoc), but from what I know about psychology, I believe you have a cognitive bias with respect to example one. You're basically ascribing a random force to a string of events. Gamblers are known to have this fallacy with respect to a string of wins. They call it the "hot hands" bias. They believe that when they're on a streak of wins, the streak will continue. However, each bet they make is an independent event. Going back to your apartment search, each apartment you look at is an independent event. It's just random chance. Humans have evolved t
  14. An MAOI combined with a stimulant is the most effective combination for depression. Stahl, the supposed guru of psychiatric medications, states that in his book. I would disagree with your statement that no drug can help you when your situation sucks. Psychiatric drugs are there for that exact reason. They allow you to deal with a situation. They don't fix the situation. You have to do the work, but it's not impossible. I hope you find a combination that works for you.
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