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  1. It's my birthday today and I'm lowkey suicidal and also kind of horny. Great combo.

    1. yarnandcats


      uh...happy bday? work with it.

    2. philosophin


      I hate that...I know what you are talking about.  And for some reason my husband finds me irresistible when I'm super depressed.

    3. hamster


      happy birthday. hope you got laid.

  2. Hey, kids. Been a while. But I'm still alive.

  3. i'm so fucking fat i want to go shopping and fucking TRANSFORM or whatever. like a goddamn butterfly.

  4. I think I just felt kind of lonely all of a sudden.

  5. why is everyone asleep when i'm awake and have lots of energy

  6. adsfkajhsdfakljsdhfakljshfiuwefsjndc

  7. I'm in such a good mood I'm actually kind of excited about cleaning the apartment

  8. I'm scared that I might be about to have another meltdown.

  9. Somebody make my brain shut the fuck up.

  10. Sleepy and wired and hungry and unproductive and really just want to eat while watching Friends.

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