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  1. I'm taking 80mg Latuda every day and it helps me stay thin 5'6" 155lbs. It's the only antipsychotic I tried that hasn't made me obese. I take it for bipolar depression and schizophrenia. I never had any problems with it but I had to take cogentin.
  2. There is hope mate.. I relate to you. I was a negative person and after years of psychotherapy I changed into a more positive.
  3. It depends on the person. For some people if they are on meds that make them gain weight such as Seroquel, it's hard to lose weight. There are meds like topamax that my pdoc gave me and they helped me control my appetite and now I'm at healthy weight. I don't exercise at all just a sedentary person. Also, low carb diet reduces appetite. Meds like metformin reduce appetite.
  4. I don't think you wasted your time if you had fun playing the game. Just curious what game were you playing online?
  5. Everyone has problems. People stable on Schizophrenia for many years would be close or similar to a normal person?
  6. I was having psychomotor agitation daily. At that point I would always be suicidal. Then it passed. But you have your opinion.. People have different opinions and what's bearable for them. Just because your opinion is this doesn't mean every one will agree. In fact, my therapists said that. When you experience restlessness, it's not painful. It's inside problem. In the mind. Everyone is special and unique. No one knows 100% of the problems and how to solve every mental problem. There are a lot of bad doctors out there. take care. thanks
  7. It's the thought and the incredible down feeling of being depressed with negative thoughts and emotional pain. Like getting a bone broken daily for the rest of your lifre for example.
  8. Hi melissaw72, Thanks for your kind help! I left the first one because the major problem was the sleep. I couldn't sleep some days at all. And the lithium side effects that were bothering me -having to drink water every 15 minutes. Having little sleep made me feel worse and such. My OCD not being addressed. My current pdoc seems he is interested. Wonderful thing is that he lets me tries meds that I ask like Latuda, Topamax, Wellbutrin, etc. I am very healthy now because I am at healthy weight range because of his kind help that I asked my wieght concernes and helped me with other things. 1 problem is the deep depression every 24 hours lasting 5-10 minutes that been going on for 2 years. Other than that it's amazing life!! Thanks I may see him tomorrow, WIsh me luck guys. I need it!! Good luck to all of you!
  9. Hey everybody, I love you guys. What can I do now that I changed pdocs 2 years ago and things got worse? My pdoc 2 years ago did better. I was on -lithium carbonate 600mg morning and bedtime. -Invega 9mg -Lorazepam 1mg bedtime as needed for Schizoaffective disorder BP type 1. Now my new pdoc has and still is trying to stabilize me for my daily suicidal thoughts for a scale of 6. The suicidal thoughts are always the same. Once or twice a day lasts for 5-10mins and I've been waiting for 2 years. He changed meds about 20+ times in the past 2 years I reckon. Effexor, Wellbutrin, etc too many meds thinking is giving me headache right now etc. I see him every 1-2 weeks or 3 weeks because I still feel worse. I don't want to die however, just those 5-10 mins feel like 8 or 9 out of 10. My mom told the 911 ambulance "my son said he has been thinking to go to Mexico and buy the nembutal drink to die," something like that. The daily suicidal thoughts for 2 years has been bothering me and annoying me. My therapist is still not able to stop the suicidal thoughts. I see him weekly, already 2 years. Do you guys have good suggestions?
  10. Mine started while I was in my 2nd year of community college and 3rd year in the Army reserves while working at the grocery store part-time all at the same time. From then on I never was normal or like before meaning like you guys I became useless for society, being all day at home using disability money to stay at home just to eat-shower-watch tv while having suicidal thoughts regularly and going in and out of 5150 on a month to month basis. My hygiene and room became a mess and daily activies became a lot more challenging. The suicidal ideations are still here after 12 years with MI. I'm tired of life. I want euthanasia or somehow be terminally ill so I get the pill from doctors to end it legally. If I had balls I wouldn't be here anymore
  11. Just once a week. Every monday. I tried another therapist but it was worse than the one I'm seeing right one. I also saw online that schizoaffective disorder is a severe illness and problems are suppose to happen just on a regular basis. I feel like it's overwhelming even though I don't work at all. This life is so strange to me.
  12. Hey guys, I have suicidal thoughts that come and go away myriad times throuhgout the days. They happen because I have trouble with my sexual urges that my body is asking me to masturbate and I can't because I my arms give up from exhaustion. I've been a psychotherapist for this for 2 months already. It's bothering me to a point that I'm getting so stressed about it that I ve been overwhelmed for a long time. I don't know what to do.
  13. Hi guys, Recently my pdoc added some meds and I noticed I started waking up eating at night. He added paxil 40mg, topamax 100mg x2, wellbutrin 100mg x2, vistaril 50mg, trileptal 300mg, luvox 300mg I gained over 10lbs within 2 months
  14. Lithium got rid of my suicidal thoughts completely. It stabilized my bipolar mood swings. I took it for over 6 years. I developed hypothyroidism which is common. Therefore I had to take thyroid medication. I had to drink a lot of water as a side effect.
  15. I saw my pdoc a few days ago. He upped the dosage for bipolar disorder. I am taking 100mg x 2. I feel loss of appetite already. thx for sharing. Love it love it love it
  16. Great. My pdoc increased to the dosage for Bipolar dosage. I am on 100mg x 2 and I noticed appetite decreased.
  17. Hey folks, my pdoc gave me 50mg at bedtime of topamax. I believe it's a small dosage. Will this help for weight loss or does it need to be increased?
  18. My pdoc listens to me when I tell him of my suicidal thoughts. Every time I tell him that, he does make changes to the meds. However, this has been going on for several months and suicidal thuoghts are still present. Today I had one suicidal thought that lasted about 5 minutes. After that, I was free.
  19. We tried different meds. I was told I was stable at one point even though I still had suicidal ideations on a regular basis
  20. Guys, I had this psychiatrist for over 8 months, seen him as much as every 2-3 weeks and I'm still having trouble with life, dealing with suicidal thoughts. my suicidal thoughts go on and off Is it time to consider changing pdocs?
  21. I took Latuda for at least 6+ months. I take it in the morning and at bedtime. They say you have to eat 350> calories with the med for proper absortion. When I took seroquel I gained like 90 pounds. After I changed to Latuda I was able to lose weight again. Made me a happier person. I hope it works for you.
  22. Hi there there seems to be something related called "psychogenic polydipsia" and happens to people with bipolar and schizophrenia. I might have it.
  23. I've had this problem for over 3+ years and my pdoc said none of the meds cause this. However, I checked my meds that I take and there are several that causes excessive thirst. I also went to my primary doctor and he did a diabetes test and that was good. What can I do about this? It's making my life miserable.
  24. Hi guys, I still have days when cry and feel how difficult it is to live with mental pain. I have suicidal ideations daily. Sometimes, I feel that I won't make it to my 40's meaning if these suicidal thoughts keep bugging me I might as well drink the hemlock. Obviosly my mom and sister will be shocked if I did that. I believe what I'm going through is similar to patients with Bipolar 1 on a daily basis. U don't know how many people hate their lives. When they go outside they hide that with a face mask so-to-speak.
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