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  1. i'm not going to change my mind being British is better than being Polish, i'm entitled to that opinion, they obviously agree because they choose to live here out of all the European countries, you don't understand our boarder laws, it is typical of an American forum. my age is 27, what's that got to do with it? i like to feel young, i don't have a therapist because i hate them. spit and polish is something to do with cleaning your shoes, you should not be spitting on gods day (sunday) outside a apartment where people live with their children. you like tall black guys, do you want a medal? i DO NOT LIVE IN A COUNCIL HOUSE, I'M A PRIVATE TENANT. eww my father never taught me to spit as a girl. this place sucks, can some one ban me so i don't feel the compulsion to come here? thanks in advance. im pretty pissed at this place. no i would not date a black person, i don't fancy them, i also don't like blonde or short men. polish are racist to english people as well, it isn't on big european groupie ya'know. do you really think mocking me is a great way to convince me of your point of view?.
  2. i tell people i'm ill but don't say why, very judgemental people about. i get the impression they would like to see you starve and live in rags and a cardboard box. my family think mental illness is something i make up for attention.
  3. i really can't be bothered with washing anymore, i used to shave everything when i was in university, now i don't. I used to wash daily, now it's every other day, due to depression really.
  4. im not a troll, i am from a certain region though, if that's what you mean? I have heard the term colloquial before at University, a girl said to me "i love your Collquialisms" i didn't know what it meant but i smiled. i don't write well online because it's just the internet, i feel too embarassed to go to the docters now because i feel like he knows. i don't want him to lose his job. i like it when i can see a family photo because i can trust them more. i don't really have much choice of who i see it is hard to get an appointment. I didn't really learn grammar at school we used to focus on being creative, i learnt it until the age of about 12 and then it got to difficult to understand. Learning is not always easy for everyone. I stopped learning maths when i was about 10? and found it very difficult. I never learnt because teachers would smack huge rulers on the board and scare us. Docter patient relationship was never explained to me accept they are not allowed to tell my family about my file if i don't want them too
  5. i don't know about medical stuff, i guess with fight or flight on it uses it up more?. also kind of constipated. maybe im not getting enough fluids as i have the flu.
  6. Weed causes paranoia, and he also gave the cat an evil look. My little tibby is only a baby. I would like to get him evicted as well as my neighbour upstairs. I'm not sure this forum is the right place for me.
  7. hi, i have a huge crush on my docter, it has happened before, i cant not help it, i prefer a male docter most of the time and get quite upset when i can't see one. is this professional?, i'm in a loving relationship but i still fancy my docters. it is very sexy that they are educated and have a nice family. he is of a different faith and it is unlikely anyone would approve. he is very good at maths because he can do multiplications when my brain can only handle basic math like plus and minus. he is also around my age.
  8. wow, some of you are really good cooks, i had chicken with some veg oil and carrots and herbs, now i'm stuffed and craving sugar. I have never tried Kale what is it like?. I like star anaise as an ingredient. Last week i went to the Chinease and they had some nice sauces. My favourite ingredient is salmon. I'm going to have a low fat ice cream. I have never eaten pumpkin, just decorated one.
  9. I recommend you don't watch final destination 1, before you fly. Those films have really messed me up because they also had one at the cinema, i have trouble going to a cinema now because im scared it will collapse. I still make myself go though because i enjoy movies. I like being near the wings because i like looking out the window, i have found 1 drink from the selection they have to be very helpful, my mother used to drink about 1 litre of wine before getting on a plane, she never drank usually. I like being at an airport, it is very chic because you can buy Chanel and nice perfumes. Also a tolblerone, giant chocolate bar. I feel better if the plane is newer.
  10. i wouldn't consider him a friend, he's willing to risk your safety.
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