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  1. Honestly? No. Meds are not going to make PTSD go away, maybe meds can help ddeal with the symptoms, but only therapy of some type is going to knock out the PTSD.
  2. Stuff in the news... Whenever I am not doing well -- various MI, even physically -- the best thing to do is to NEVER watch the news, read newspapers. I know it is a difficult thing to do. I like to be informed and keep up with current events but with all the information and all sources available today, everything begins to get scary, I get paranoid, depressed, or more depressed, the more I want to isolate myself, etc. = viscious cycle.
  3. Synethesia is not the same thing as colors or music appearing more intense. It is a cross-wiring of senses so to speak. People with synthesia -- all experince different things and may or may not involve all senses.
  4. From week to week - session to session - I may write some things down which come to mind or came to mind as a result of last week's session. The morning of my appointment I have to check and double check my meds supply to see if it time for a new Rx. About a half hour before my appointment I take the time to write down any Rx's I may need and a short list or outline combined from last session's notes and new things. I don't put my day on hold but I will say there are days when I can't do much of anything before the session, and then there are the times after a session when I am useless for
  5. I started with 25 then 50mg, then up to 100mg to 400mg of Seroquel, now I am back to 100mg. No matter the dose I am a complete zombie in the morning and it takes me 1-2 hours to get going. For a time I had Provigil which really helped but can't afford the Provigil anymore, and the Dexedrine I take for ADD does not help with the drowsiness in the morning and throught the day just helps the ADD.
  6. Sorry if you have already tried this. Do you a an app or a command to make invisible files visible? You might find out where you music went if it still on the HD and hasn't been deleted. MainMenu application is freeware and can reveal invisible files. I do not store any music in my iTunes library or folder. I made an alias audio file on my desktop and store all of my tunes there. Paying to download music.... people actually do this!?!
  7. Hello Timmet en onthaal aan Crazyboards! My best attempt at Dutch, I do not know if Dutch is your first language but I saw you mentioned Utrecht and I have visited there so I tried Dutch. I have experienced voices in my head talking with each other and laughing at and criticizing what I was doing. I was frightening because it had never happened before. As Chimpmaster has said this can be a psychotic symptom, delusional guilt perhaps, but it a symptom does not always equal psychosis. There could be several explanations. Be sure to tell your doctors, your psychiatrist and your psychologist
  8. Ok, finally figured out how to scan pics. My dearly departed boy basset My Shy girl basset And for Libby: Chewy Slew, son of Seattle Slew I can't spel!!!
  9. Complete psychological evaluation is ambigous. Most likely it is a combination of tests, written or self-answer, and maybe some interactive/subjective tests. Examples may be the MMPI II, some type of IQ test, a symptoms checklist, and the more subjective and oral answered tests such as the Thematic Apperception Test, even a Rohrshach -- some folks still give this -- the battery of tests would depend on what sort of information your therapist thinks may be helpful. What degree/qualifications does your therapist have? Is she a social worker, counselor, psychologist, or are you referring to y
  10. From your description it sounds like you may be experiencing depersaonlization.
  11. I've taken Propanolol but it never helped with social anxiety/phobia. May have kept my heart from pouding but did nothing for the underlying problem. It is the method of choice for some musicians, and it is cheating, cheating the musicians themeslves. When my mate was in grad school, a well known and respected school of music, most of the folks couldn't perform without propanolol. Once they started taking the stuff they needed it, wouldn't think of performing with out it. Stage fright for a professional is common but is also part of the life and in most cases doesn't keep one from having t
  12. Argh! Nothing worse than looking down at the scale and seeing a weight gain of 8 pounds overnight. But CC is right, salt/water retention could be responsible. Although it's hard for me not to want to get on the scale every day, weighing yourself every day isn't the best indicator. Better to do so once a week and get a better idea of average weight and to see if/how much Seroquel is a factor. If you have a day when you want to eat or drink whatever, well try to let yourself do it and not guilt yourself out over it. Sure, the weight thing sucks but I think it is better to let yourself/your body
  13. Possible side effects, VE mentioned, aside. It stikes me as stupid when I read in a very generic drug info book that Zyprexa is only for people with chronic conditions and then read everywhere else that it should be used short term. I have taken Zyprexa on and off for years. I have stayed on Zyprexa for more than one year at a time. It works great for me. Ask your pdoc exactly why he wanted to take you off. Was it due to metabolic concerns, or he wanted to see if the Zyprexa was no longer necessary and if so, why? Not that you may haven not already discussed this with him.
  14. Letters can work for the reasons mentioned above. I have suggested to many peopple to write letters but I prefer the method of writing the letter to get everything out of your system, so to speak, but instead of sending the letters to do something ritualistic like wadding it up and brurning or attaching the letter to a rock and throw it in a body of water. Do as I say not as I do, I guess, because I can't follow my own advice. I have been asked to write a few letters and then had to read them to my pdoc, for me the exercise wasn't effective but I was fighting the idea and didn't want to sh
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