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  1. I don't feel any anger at those people at all.

    But killing those who are destined to meet their end seems only appropriate. A fulfilling of their proper roles.

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    2. amianthus


      I thought that your experience would probably be quite different, but it was worth a try. I understand feeling like the world lacks depth, though. maybe we (the rest of us) don't belong here any more than you do, but are not as acutely aware of it? I am aware of something similar-sounding sometimes, but not always. for me it is a very dissonant, out-of-control, non-feeling

      does this world always lack depth in your experience; have you ever found anything outside of it that doesn't?

    3. Lexie


      it doesn't always lack depth to the same degree, but it always feels like there's a lot more behind this world than the immediately apparent, and that the things reaching back behind it have more in common with me

      like if the world were made of shadow puppets, and i'm an entire being accidentally casting a shadow onto the same wall; i'm supposed to be with the puppeteers, but here i am lost among the puppets

      of course, i don't suspect the puppeteers are really in control of anything, either; they just happen to be casting their shadows by accident, but haven't gotten caught up in the play as i have

    4. Lexie


      it's... well, to put it in a more direct way, i'm not supposed to have a physical body like you do

      i'm still supposed to have fixed presence and be material and everything but... not on the same level

      a different form of substance which passes through different dimensions, not the ones i'm presently occupying

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