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  1. I don't feel any anger at those people at all.

    But killing those who are destined to meet their end seems only appropriate. A fulfilling of their proper roles.

    1. amianthus


      I see ... I am familiar with that sense, although most often directed at myself (my own end)

      sometimes the knowing that something is going to happen is so strong that it begins to seem as though it already has happened. then there is this incredible disconnect as the world fails to reflect what is actually the case, and it seems the only way to react is to try to make the two match up again. I don't know if you relate to that.

      I've found though that, one way or another, through refraining from acting on this, you become somewhat more drawn back into the ordinary sensory present again -- in the end. never fully, perhaps, but enough that the mismatch is manageable, and can be lived with for a while, and temporary compromises can be found between the two that destroy neither

    2. Lexie


      that doesn't sound like my experience at all

      all i know is that this world lacks depth, and its inhabitants are not like me

      they belong here and i am just passing through

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