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  1. I feel safer and more comfortable in winter when I can wear oversized jumpers to hide in. The more clothes I can wear, the better too. Like I can wear big socks, beanies, boots. I hate being so exposed in summer.
  2. I feel the same so often. I’ve tried everything and nothing has worked in all these decades. I have a husband and two little ones I have to be present for. It’s hard.
  3. 30 sessions. Took ages before I felt anything and then lasted for about 6 months I guess. I’m considering ECT but am terrified. Have 2 small children. All meds make me worse.
  4. Has anyone tried EMDT? I have a new psychologist who wants to do it and I’m willing to try anything. Just wondering what it’s like and if anyone got results? mine is for complex PTSD, so I guess there’s a lot to cover but she said one memory leads on to another. I don’t know.
  5. I don’t know why it would be a meds problem. I’m a pretty shitty partner when I’m unwell too but my partner knows it’s the illness, not me and knows that I try to not be a shit. I do what I can. I’m in to DBT so I use skills I’ve learnt there and also from other therapies. I especially try to stop and think before reacting because my reactive bulllshit is usually really over nothing. I try not to make any big decisions (relationship wise) or be too judgmental when I’m hating on myself and therefore the world. and I own my shit and apologise when I think it’s warranted.
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