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  1. This is an excellent suggestion but this works as long as the pharmacy can get the drug. If it's on backorder, we cant fill it. We also can't substitute it to an available product so long as the doctor specifies which one so keep that in mind.
  2. I might have missed it in your signature but what about Azilect (rasagiline) or Amantadine? There's also Stalevo. It's Carbadopa/Levodopa/Entacapone.
  3. There's tons of plans but my suggestion is to decide your needs FIRST then pick something from there. When picking plans I looked into seeing if my doctors, meds, potential needs, and general treatments/tests associated with my conditions were covered. I also wanted one that wouldn't require additional paperwork (i.e. prior authorization is, step therapy) for what I'm currently taking. A lot of Medicare plans are pretty anti-benzo (except Xanax?!) and anti z-drugs. If sleep is an issue it's something to consider. If you want something less complicated, see if any of them cover erectile dysfunction medication. If they approve least one of those I doubt they'll deny much as long as it's reasonable. Edit: Due to the nature of my job (pharmacy tech), I can't suggest any plans/insurance providers to you. I don't think what I said could be taken that way. At least I hope not.
  4. I feel like my breathing is ...slower? when I don't sleep. I haven't found anything online about it.
  5. Lamictal. Though Symbyax or Triavil might be a good thing to ask for.
  6. The first week I started getting some motivation back. I cooked and cleaned my room. It's been two weeks now and things are kinda back to where they were before but SSRIs do take time to work. Weird thing though is that I get nauseous after taking it when I eat next. If I take it at 8AM and have breakfast at 10, nausea. If I don't eat until 2, nausea. Once it's passed I'm good.
  7. I read somewhere that quetiapine has some pro-anticonvulsant properties.
  8. I've been in pharmacy for nearly 8 years and I've never seen Lamotrigine as a PRN. What it could possibly be for is beyond me.
  9. You're not thinking of Trileptal (Oxcarbazapine) are you? 1200 mg is a ridiculous dose for Lamictal.
  10. I'm not getting notifications on this for some reason. I happened to spot it on the front page. I appreciate the ideas, and the pdoc seemed comfortable prescribing a benzodiazepines despite not liking them. Especially since I'm young. I doubt she'll go for a second benzo or raise the dose. I asked if she would be willing to raise the Clonazepam but she decided on Lorazepam instead. I think she forgot about the heart rate thing though because we stopped the Clonazepam and she prescribed Lorazepam only for insomnia. She seemed nice and I like her though.
  11. What pharmacy is it? Some might not. Trazodone, for example, I've rarely seen "Desyrel" on the bottle.
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