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  1. The only thing stopping me is the never-ending insomnia. I don't like the cognitive fog that comes with severe sleep deprivation over time. It was the only drug to ever make a dent in my OCD.
  2. Clomipramine made a huge dent in mine. Unfortunately the rampant insomnia wasn't worth it.
  3. Hello! I'm trying to figure out how to address my nervous tics lately. They've been persistent this past year and are always changing. From eye blinking, to head shaking, to sticking my elbow in my sides, squeaking, to a eye closed swallow things. I can't remember them all. I don't always have them. If I've properly slept and aren't stressed/anxious they don't exist at all. As I'm typing this I keep needing to pick up my thumbs and bend them till I hear something crack. I don't know where to put this though! Thanks!
  4. I hope you don't mind me asking, but what happened that your pdoc took you off all those meds? Were you weaned off of any of them?
  5. Looks like a special program. https://wakixhcp.com/prescribing-wakix/
  6. Bringing her to a GP can also help placate the father. Well I did bring her to her pediatrician but he/she said it's also stress.
  7. Maybe bring her to a medical doctor? They can order blood tests to make sure there isn't something underlying going on. They're somewhat familiar with mental health issues and can help break it to her if her symptoms are due to stress.
  8. Trileptal (Oxcarbazepine)? Tegretol may not have worked for you but some people respond drastically with similar chemical structures with slight changes. i.e. Apparently right brained vs. left brained determines if you respond better to Nexium (esomeprazole) vs. Prilosec (omeprazole). The structure is simply "flipped" but makes all the difference.
  9. I didn't find it sedating. The opposite actually. That and Luvox gave me awful insomnia. It's sedating for most though. I just get paradoxical effects from meds. However it WAS effective for the OCD. Went from severe to moderate. I was able to let things go, really early on too. Good luck! It's been life changing for some other people I know.
  10. My friend is currently in a psych ward (which I had a role in contacting PESS) and is frustrated with me. She said she doesn't mention my contamination OCD even when my hands are constantly bleeding from handwashing. She respects my decision. She told me someone is in there and has contamination OCD. They're working on his disorder but she isn't sure if he's there for something else. Can I get locked up for my contamination issues? Would PESS actually intervene? Does it meet the criteria for harming myself? I don't harm myself on purpose like someone who cuts or anything. I want to b
  11. Funny story, I did have some toilet training trauma. Mom got me to sit on the little potty and the smoke alarm went off at the same time. Every time I had to go to the bathroom I'd freak out and say "no beep-beep!" I enjoyed this read.
  12. Trintellix and Ativan have been upped. I also found out I have exercise induced asthma! So I got an inhaler and can try exercising without dying now! Given what life has been like lately I'll take anything good. Vyvanse 50mg QAM - ADHD Trintellix 20mg QAM - Depression Lamictal 150mg BID - Complex Partial Seizures Ativan 1mg BID (QD + HS) PRN - Anxiety/Insomnia Proair HFA PRN - Exercise induced bronchiospasms/asthma Sleep Doctor is working on a Belsomra prior auth. I'm hoping it goes through!
  13. Vyvanse 50mg - ADHD Trintellix (Vortioxetine) 10mg - Depression Lorazepam 0.5mg QD PRN & HS PRN - Anxiety and Insomnia Lamotrigine 150mg BID - Complex Partial Seizures
  14. Yes. It's prescription. It's generic though! I think I was instructed to do a max of three times a day, but was also told if I only needed it once or twice a day that's fine too.
  15. Levocetirizine is Xyzal, not Clarinex. Clarinex is desloratadine. What about Ipratropium (Atrovent)? It dries your nose out far more than Flonase.
  16. This is an excellent suggestion but this works as long as the pharmacy can get the drug. If it's on backorder, we cant fill it. We also can't substitute it to an available product so long as the doctor specifies which one so keep that in mind.
  17. I might have missed it in your signature but what about Azilect (rasagiline) or Amantadine? There's also Stalevo. It's Carbadopa/Levodopa/Entacapone.
  18. There's tons of plans but my suggestion is to decide your needs FIRST then pick something from there. When picking plans I looked into seeing if my doctors, meds, potential needs, and general treatments/tests associated with my conditions were covered. I also wanted one that wouldn't require additional paperwork (i.e. prior authorization is, step therapy) for what I'm currently taking. A lot of Medicare plans are pretty anti-benzo (except Xanax?!) and anti z-drugs. If sleep is an issue it's something to consider. If you want something less complicated, see if any of them cover erec
  19. I feel like my breathing is ...slower? when I don't sleep. I haven't found anything online about it.
  20. Lamictal. Though Symbyax or Triavil might be a good thing to ask for.
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