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  1. Jennifer here..In Orlando Florida for the second time. The first time I moved here I had a break and was in hosp for 3 days .Got divorced moved to Tampa....Got remarried (many years later),and moved back 2 weeks ago and made it 1 night found myself back in same hospital as 7 years ago! Anywhoo ...dont want to bore you with the details.. Im DX BPD @ 17 PTSD @ 24 Ive been on and off all of it..since I was a teenager. Battled a nasty H addiction ,and have 12 months clean finally Im 42 newly married (1 month),and just home from a stay at my local mental hospital. Came home with seroqul *sp 100 mgs bid Feel better well I think I do anyway...brain currently wrapped in cotton feeling.. Its good to be here.. Blessed be! J
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