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    ♥ Music ♥<br /><br />Guitar, Sax, Keys, Drums, Bass, Composing, Producing, Engineering, Songwriting, Poetry, Freestyle, Hip-Hop, Rock, Classical, Jazz, Blues, Jammin', Camping, Hiking, Fishing, etc...<br /><br />My Rap Group; ♣ 7 Leaf Clover ♣
  1. hey, been a long time!!! hope you are all good

    Love Kay

  2. Hello my dear, I hope you are well! I pray you are happy!! :) ♥ William

  3. thought it was pretty nifty myself! good to hear from you!

  4. Hi cutie! Nice pic :)

  5. How's the music writting going?

  6. shit, now i stess. it could go wrong, I havent been able to see him in the last three months, so basically, its sll about tomorrow. sniff

  7. hello there darling! Just a tad nervous got to go get a letter tomorrow to say i'm fit to practise in a hospital after my time off! and the worst thing is my meds where to arrive on friday and didn't. I not going to sleep! and i need to look my best to get back in! Its all so fucked up, can't even have a honest conversation with him!! And now i'll look like

  8. Lemme know you're alright, ok? :)

  9. YIM is yahoo messenger. :P

  10. hey, thanx for your messages!

    I'm sorry about the jobb! sending hugs and kisses to make u feel better!

    What is YIM? I'm a little slow? :)

    Love Kay

  11. Oh, I uploaded a new song on myspace. Click the link to my music to hear it, it's called, Dead Serious. :)

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