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    I love my cats, like to read, like to talk on the phone with my friends, watch mindless TV. I enjoy yoga greatly. I have a tremendous appreciation for twelve step groups. I wish I could have a dog. I love my job which is supporting people with developmental disabilities (which is just a label for people with differing abilities).
  1. The Latuda seemed to help my depression but I've been a little hypomanic. Not sure if the hypomania is due to the Latuda. I do feel better overall. Oreo
  2. The Nuvigil (in the past Provigil) helps pull me out of the depression. But it can activate my mania so it is one of the last meds I take for a severe depression and one of the first meds I drop when I start going up. It really has been a life saver at times. Oreo
  3. My depression feels better with the Latuda but my pdoc & tdoc told me I'm manic today. I'm keeping on the Latuda for now, dropping my Effexor to 75mg & Nuvigil to either 75mg or none. I'm hoping it is not the Latuda adding to my mania. I feel so much better than the past 2-3 months of depression. Oreo
  4. I'm on Latuda and very pleased with it. I've been on it for almost 2 weeks. I was in a mixed episode. I started on 40mg with little change, maybe a little more manic. The pdoc bumped it up to 80mg a day after 2 days. I am much better. It doesn't knock me out. I take it with dinner because you need to eat with it. I had been quite depressed for months then into a mixed episode and not sleeping. I feel like a new person. I'm sleeping normally. Fingers crossed! Oreo
  5. I've been on Latuda for 10 days. I was having a mixed episode and not sleeping. I was on 40mg for 2 days. It didn't make me sleepy at all. Then I ran into my pdoc when I was getting bloodwork done. He increased it to 80mg a day. I take it with dinner. It does not knock me out. I am feeling MUCH better and sleeping WELL. I am a fan of Latuda so far. And it doesn't make me hungry like seroquel does. Fingers crossed! Oreo
  6. Hi everyone, I have had a couple months of feeling really, really low. Can't fall asleep until 4am-ish and then sleep late. Not leaving the house,etc, etc. I wanted to fix my sleep pattern. Trazadone does not help me sleep and valium flattens me out if I'm not anxious. So I've taken 2mg of risperdal at night. I fell asleep at a more normal time and felt better the next couple of days. More energy, visited my parents. I feel more up. Definitely not cured but better. I haven't seen risperdal mentioned for bipolar depression as some other antipsychotics are. Does anyone have experience with this too? Thanks, Oreo
  7. "I want you to see a lawyer for a free consultation on getting on permanent disabilty...while your doing okay and the information sticks."
  8. First I took 5mg at night for a few days, then 10mg every night. A couple weeks later pdoc added 5mg in the am because of my extreme irritability, which it did help. I've read that suggested dosages are 10mg/BID. I'm wondering if I can talk him into 5mg in am and 15mg at night because I don't want to be sleepy in the morning. Oreo
  9. I take 10mg of Saphris at night which puts me right to sleep. I just started 5mg in the morning due to high levels of irritability. I don't necessarily feel sleepy in the morning but my eyelids feel a little heavy. I'm pretty sure my pdoc is going to want to increase the morning dose to 10mg this week. And it has helped my irritability quite a bit. Do other people have problems with the morning dose tiring them out? Oreo
  10. I'm feeling that awful irritability, too...but I'm not seeing too much mania. All I can think of is an outside noise, stimulus, etc. ise like fingernails on a blackboard. Pdoc pushing the Saphris. Oreo
  11. This is a true incredibly, irritable mood. Someone's face can just piss me off and make me want to scream. I've only been back to work almost 3 weeks and I already don't want to go because everything is like fingernails on a blackboard. It's just not passing. I don't even like being by myself now. Pdoc is adding 5mg Saphris in am in addition to 10mg Saphris at night. PRN valium not touching it. WTF!!!
  12. That would be the best alternative. I hope this too shall pass. It was suggested to me that my irritibality could be covering up my fear of being back at work. Sometimes it is hard to know what a 'genuine' mood is.
  13. Thanks for your experience with Effexor. I actually have been on Effexor for years, up & down in doses depending on my mood. The Saphris is my newest med. It helps me sleep for sure but I'm hoping it is not adding to my irritability. My crankiness increased greatly when my depakote was increased from 500mg to 750mg. I've had issues with it, so pdoc discontinued it cold turkey. Also, after being out of work for about 4 months, I've been back to work for about 2 1/2 weeks. I am afraid that work once again is too much for me. Oreo
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