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  1. Awww, I like Eeyore the best too. I am him, and I want to reach out and take him in my arms at the same time.
  2. Hi Ray, I popped on after a long-ass absence, and yours was the very first name I looked up. You were a good man. How many people can we really say that about? You were larger than life, Ray. Tenebrae said it very well. That's how we'll remember you and minxie. Thank you for reaching out to all of us, gathering us up in your monster embrace. You're not here with us anymore, so we'll have to go looking in our hearts to find you. You'll always be there. xoxo lily
  3. luli2

    Lilybear, missing you!

  4. god god god this sucks more than anything. I know what your baby means to you. fuck. just come here and talk about what a cool cat she is, if you want. it sucks that you can't keep her with you forever, but we can celebrate her 9 lives with you if you'd like. love to you. lily

    hiya chuck just wanted to leave you a hug!!!!!!xxx

  6. Hi lil

    Just came to leave you a hug hun Im not too well right now will catch up soon xx Rosie

  7. multiples shmultiples! ALL mental interesting-ness is ALL in yer head! What is this bipolar/depressive/schizophrenia/psychotic/erm...can't remember anything else because my totally bogus ADD is distracting me. Yep, why when I was young, in the wonderful 1950's etc., we just pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps, by cracky! and went to school/work/hell in a handbasket no problem! You MI people are all just self-centered, self-indulgent whiners. howzat? It's me fight club debut. be gentle please.
  8. Wab, if you can tell us what meds yer on, if you need some help, I'll go sniff around the PI sheets, see what I can find. xoxo lily
  9. You are talking about last year's, right? Yeah. I just got an ominous-looking envelope from the local tax office. I have a feeling it's going to be an expensive reminder. Must get around to opening that envelope one of these days. Yes.
  10. Hello! My name's lily, and why yes! I just missed a flight this week! Thank gawd it was domestic--I'll have to eat that one, but the company will pay for the flight I did take. I frequently travel on business, and--oh, yes, the going nuts part. I'm definitely nuts.
  11. Hiya lulibear, You know, sometimes I come across a post I wrote a year or so ago and think the saaaaame thing--goddamn habitrail of MI-ness. But I think even tho we circle round and round, we do manage to circle upwards. While we might never truly shake off the Rat Bastard and his slimy, evil ways, we can loosen the GI Joe Kung-Fu Grip he has on us, I think. xoxo lily
  12. Hiya China, I'm with everyone here--sounds like there are buttloads of extenuating circumstances, AND sounds like your ADD mind is frantically going into overdrive to compensate. I would talk to Nice Lady, and others, and get them to spell out exactly what needs to be done, then do just that. Perhaps your expert knowledge and experience are giving you extra worries, whereas someone with less experience wouldn't even know what might be going under the bridge. My friend worked with a gal who would spend hours each day, painstakingly writing things down verbatim in a leetle notebook, and getting nothing done. She wasn't writing instructions or notes to self, she was writing down DATA that needed to be saved. It made no sense to anyone, but she was convinced that it needed to be done, and she drove everyone nuts. Not that you are that lady, but it sounds like you are providing far more service than folks/doctors need, so they get a little pissy. No shame or embarrassment necessary! Pretend you are Olga, and just walk right in there, head held high. You are a talented, kind woman who does a great job. I agree, the notebook of "hokay, do this, don't do that, etc." is a lifesaver. As you write stuff down, and know how to react, then your environment will become more structured, and you'll shine! Good luck! lily
  13. Yup. Please don't give up hope. We know it sucks big time, but keep posting here, ok?
  14. Not to enable you good folks, but I'm with H.Ho up there. Your posts--all of them--are really good reading. Despite being of hearty French/Irish/Rolling Rock stock, I don't drink much (don't tell my uncles, eh. I've got a reputation at stake here). But I too am feeling the pull of the Rat Bastard round this time of year. One day I'm happily kicking thru the leaves, the next day I'm staring at the walls, watching things start to crumble. CF, I get those leetle hints that the wolf is at the door, too. For me, that pesky short temper rears its ugly head. I hope you can resist the urge to go back and sit in the nice warm peepee of depression. The water in that pool gets pretty cold pretty fast. lily
  15. hiya deeb, stopping in to say haro. Haro! I think of you on your b-day because it's the same as my mom's, dad's and grand-dad's. And my new boss. I peeked over at myspace, and you'll be interested (maybe?) to know that it appears in Japanese--not your comments, of course, but all the category names, moods, titles, things like that. I can only imagine how tough things are. I know you miss your dad. xoxo lily
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