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  1. Awww, I like Eeyore the best too. I am him, and I want to reach out and take him in my arms at the same time.
  2. Hi Ray, I popped on after a long-ass absence, and yours was the very first name I looked up. You were a good man. How many people can we really say that about? You were larger than life, Ray. Tenebrae said it very well. That's how we'll remember you and minxie. Thank you for reaching out to all of us, gathering us up in your monster embrace. You're not here with us anymore, so we'll have to go looking in our hearts to find you. You'll always be there. xoxo lily
  3. luli2

    Lilybear, missing you!


    hiya chuck just wanted to leave you a hug!!!!!!xxx

  5. Hi lil

    Just came to leave you a hug hun Im not too well right now will catch up soon xx Rosie

  6. multiples shmultiples! ALL mental interesting-ness is ALL in yer head! What is this bipolar/depressive/schizophrenia/psychotic/erm...can't remember anything else because my totally bogus ADD is distracting me. Yep, why when I was young, in the wonderful 1950's etc., we just pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps, by cracky! and went to school/work/hell in a handbasket no problem! You MI people are all just self-centered, self-indulgent whiners. howzat? It's me fight club debut. be gentle please.
  7. naww naww, r.mcm, I meant that I like your post. I get more juicy info each time I read it! Now, please explain "monster, ugly wads hung up in there from pressure washing." Are these blobs that came from ear pressure washing? Or bum-washing? But q-tips, down theyah? Wouldn't they get lost with all the other matchbooks, spare keys, loose change down there? I can't see them being so effective. And I want to try peroxide. So you're suggesting hydro-p shot into the ear w/ a baby aspirator? I'm intrigued...and have no social life, obviously. come on, write back fast! lily
  8. I'm actually still reading and re-reading mcmurphy's post, but wanted to post my thang. Does anyone (everyone?) else clean both ears at the same time? I've always done it that way, but people look at me like I'm nuts when they see me do it. Eagerly waiting to hEAR... lily
  9. Lily! Are you still around? I miss you!

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