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  1. I found one solution, which is to just increase my benzo dose to fix ocd.
  2. Im taking following meds and there is no ocd relief. OCD doubts are extreme. Therapy is not helping as well. clozapine 75mg amisulpride 150mg paroxetine 37.5mg escitalopram 20mg clobazam 10mg trihexpheydal 2mg OCD is most likely clozapine induced. But reducing clozapine further makes me cry and increasing amisulpride gives me anxiety. I have appointment with my pdoc soon but i dont know what to do anymore
  3. I took lexapro(escitalopram), then after 1.5 hour i took a fish oil. Will my lexapro still work ?
  4. I assume if you drink alot of water like 2 bottles after meds, it would delay the absorption of meds, aint it ?
  5. I'm taking 150mg amisulpride and my prolactin is 60 ng/ml. During my last visit to my pdoc, he mentioned high prolactin can cause osteoporosis. He told me to consult endocrinologist which i will soon. Anybody have any complications due to high prolactin caused by meds like risperidone, paliperidone and amisulpride ? I know low dose abilify helps reduce prolactin but it only works on people on risperidone and paliperidone. There are studies which mention abilify is less effective in reducing high prolactin in patients taking amisulpride. Any advice ?
  6. Anybody got ocd from risperidone ? Is SSRIs helping you for it ? I cant cope with my clozapine induced ocd anymore and the sedation and weight gain which comes with it. I am thinking about switching to risperidone from clozapine.
  7. Which is the best addon med for cognition/memory ? My memory is worse on med for EPS side effects artane(trihexyphenidyl) Is memantine helpful ? Anything else ?
  8. Which one is better - fluoxetine or paroxetine ? What side effects u got on either on them ? Did u had memory problems on paroxetine(paxil) ?
  9. Does anybody have this side effect ? Anticholinergic actions are supposed to decline cognition. Any thoughts ??
  10. Although the literature says it worsens anxiety in some cases but im not sure how common is this ? Does anybody have studies on this ? Any thoughts ?
  11. Are patients on clozapine more likely to die from corona as it weakens the immune system(low white blood cell count) ?
  12. Can you take paxil(paroxetine) and prozac(fluoxetine) together ? One of my pdoc said it is not a good combination maybe because of drug interactions as as first one inhibits 2d6 and second one both 2d6 and 3a4. What do you think ?
  13. I was on abilify in 2013 but it didnt work for positive symptoms, so we stopped it and moved to clozapine. Now last time i tried abilify, it worsened my psychosis
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