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  1. Which is the best addon med for cognition/memory ? My memory is worse on med for EPS side effects artane(trihexyphenidyl) Is memantine helpful ? Anything else ?
  2. Which one is better - fluoxetine or paroxetine ? What side effects u got on either on them ? Did u had memory problems on paroxetine(paxil) ?
  3. Does anybody have this side effect ? Anticholinergic actions are supposed to decline cognition. Any thoughts ??
  4. Although the literature says it worsens anxiety in some cases but im not sure how common is this ? Does anybody have studies on this ? Any thoughts ?
  5. Are patients on clozapine more likely to die from corona as it weakens the immune system(low white blood cell count) ?
  6. Can you take paxil(paroxetine) and prozac(fluoxetine) together ? One of my pdoc said it is not a good combination maybe because of drug interactions as as first one inhibits 2d6 and second one both 2d6 and 3a4. What do you think ?
  7. I was on abilify in 2013 but it didnt work for positive symptoms, so we stopped it and moved to clozapine. Now last time i tried abilify, it worsened my psychosis
  8. Well i had discussion with my family, I think im going to stick with amisulpride and watch if prolactin doesnt go above 100 ng/ml. Right now i dont have any high prolactin symptoms
  9. Both medicines causes high prolactin. My prolactin is 70ng/ml on amisulpride 150mg. And 30ng/ml on just risperidone 1mg. 1mg risperidone doesnt work for psychosis. Maybe i need 2-3mg. Plus there is risperidone induced ocd. I’m already reducing clozapine cuz of high ocd on it. What should i do ? Im so confused. If i could reduce prolactin on amisulpride. I might stay on it.
  10. I have 2 pdocs. One of them told me to add abilify to lower it. I'm waiting reply from my primary pdoc.
  11. I have added amisulpride to my regular clozapine regimine. Im taking 150mg amisulpride and my prolactin is high - 70 ng/ml (2-17). Unfortunately i cannot reduce or stop amisulpride cuz its working so well for paranoia. I would like to know what are my options to lower prolactin without worsening psychosis ? I know low dose abilify can help. Are there any other options ?
  12. I’m on clozapine and my ocd/anxiety is through the roof and I have tried everything and we can only stop ocd once clozapine is stopped or maybe reduced. I would like to add amisulpride since its proven good for positive symptoms in studies. How is your experience with it ?
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