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  1. I’m on clozapine and my ocd/anxiety is through the roof and I have tried everything and we can only stop ocd once clozapine is stopped or maybe reduced. I would like to add amisulpride since its proven good for positive symptoms in studies. How is your experience with it ?
  2. So lets say if i drink entire big bottle of water after taking meds. Will medicine still go in its entire form into blood ? WIll I urine out the medicine cuz of too much water ?
  3. Im worried about this benzo called "clobazam", its Excretion is mainly renal. Does that mean if i drink too much water after taking it, it will go out of my blood ?
  4. Could drinking alot of water after meds make them flush out through urine and make meds less available in blood?
  5. Would like to add that im making progress after increasing my benzo "clobazam" to 15mg from 10mg. Will increase further to 20mg after few days. I have permission from my pdoc.
  6. Once i start washing my hands, i cant stop it unless i do it 6-7 times. I would like to postpone my hand washing by taking breaks after first wash. That way the desire to wash it again goes away.
  7. Does benzo helps ocd ? What would be option for people who does not respond/tolerate SSRIs or any antidepressants.
  8. I cant take fluvoxamine as it doubles the plasma levels of clozapine. Im looking for med for ocd which does not have drug interactions. How about desvenlafaxine ?
  9. I spoke with another pdoc, he said there is risk of tardive dyskinesia with flupentixol. So im not going to take it Yea im looking for med without any drug interaction for ocd. No i dont need ocd med which helps psychosis. I want it to just fix ocd.
  10. Pdoc says low doses are used as antidepressant. Maybe it could work for ocd ?
  11. I have contamination related ocd(washers and cleaners). Once i start washing my hands, i cant stop myself unless i do it 5-6 times each. How do i decrease handwashing by atleast 50% ?
  12. Please dont post supplements. Only post meds in this topic.
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