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  1. Anybody know any ready made food items which I can buy from a store which is high in fat/protein but very low in carbs ?
  2. Well I lost 10kg in 2 months on clozapine from 100kg to 90kg and then weight loss stopped. Some people told me its called weight loss plateau. How can I further make progress ? I follow a low carb diet and I’m still not losing weight. Right now I’m in fact gaining weight
  3. I take cozapine 200, paroxetine 37.5 CR, clobazam 10 After holding a heavy bag of groceries for 10-15mins, my whole arm starts shaking and tremoring. It goes away the next day though. Is this normal ? Can meds cause this ?
  4. I'm on 3 meds Clozapine 200mg Paroxetine 37.5mg CR Clobazam 10mg My meds sedate me so much that i cant even leave the bed. Plus i ignore the alarm due to sedation. I wake up at 1-2pm. Atleast I want to wake up at 9am if possible What strategies do u guys use to wake up early on meds ?
  5. Ok its d2 agonist which might worsen my psychosis. Apart from psychiatric meds, is there something i can take for memory from over the counter pharmacy ? I actually have an old prx which has adviced memantine. I cant take psych meds cuz i start crying on all types of meds. Unless my benzo is 20mg I cant take any psych meds. Sorry for asking for meds. I'm thinking of trying 5mg clobazam in morning and 5 at night instead of 10 at night. Will try after 1 week. This might reduce memory problems
  6. On improving memory, I think i can reduce my benzo to 5mg for few weeks/months when i need better memory recollection. And when i want to improve my anxiety or go far out of the house, i can go back to clobazam 10mg Clobazam 5mg - good memory but poor anxiety clobazam 10mg - better anxiety but poor memory
  7. Well i will have to accept my mild anxiety. Its not too intense. I'm stable on just 3 meds clozapine 200mg paroxetine 37.5mg clobazam 10mg But is there something i can add to enhance my memory impaired by my benzo(clobazam)
  8. Nah, my pdoc is okay with me to adjust dose on my own without pdoc permission. I have known this pdoc since 6 years so he knows me well. I already had a old prx which mentioned to try divided benzo dose. At that time I did not tried that cuz i feared i would sleep even more. And now it turned out to be true. I usually check my old prx if i want to change anything. But i dont do major changes on my own like stopping any meds or adding another med unless i have old prx which has adviced me to do that in past. Sometimes i text him before making any major changes
  9. Update: Benzo(clobazam) divided dose failed. Been waking up very late like 2-3pm since 2 days in a row. I will stop morning benzo, and just take it at night like before.
  10. I dont think my pdoc worries about drug interactions or is expert in them. He starts to worry when the side effects comes. I'm just changing the dose of my old prx to see if i can tolerate my benzo in divided dose.
  11. Update: Well all of my meds are littered with drug interactions. So while i increased clobazam from 10 at night to 10 at night and 5 in morning. Today after taking my evening paroxetine dose(i take 12.5 in morning, 25 in evening) i felt very sleepiness after taking my paroxetine dose. So it turns out that clobazam increases paroxetine drug levels by inhibiting 2D6. I will have to reduce the evening paroxetine.
  12. I dont have problems with how i speak, its what I say. My thoughts are also incorrect, does that explain Dysarthria ?
  13. True, I have been taking clobazam at night since 2 years and never had this problem. It only became noticeable when i took clobazam in morning
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