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  1. I let my GP know that I came off the antibiotic and he was okay with it. Talking to my Psyhciatrist, she believes my current episode was caused because 3 or so months ago I weaned myself off of Welbutrin for some odd reason and she mentioned that a condition arises 3 months coming off Welbutrin were you either remain fine or you crash. I seemed to have crashed and now am stating back up on Welbutrin along with uping my Paxil slightly. Anyone ever run into this situation? If so how long did it take for you to feel better? Thanks.
  2. Hi, Has anyone taking antidepressants ever been thrown into a bad depressive episode while taking an antibiotic? I have been taking Paxil for a while and recently got the flu with it turning into a sinus infection. I was prescribed Levofloxacin for the infection but since taking it I have been getting worse mentally and emotionally. I am in a full blown depressive episode and am looking for some hope that this is because of the antibiotic. I took 5 daily pills of a 10 day dose for the Levofloxacin and decided to stop after todays dose. Please let me know if you have experienced this. Tha
  3. Hi, New to the crazyboard but have found solace in some of the articles and comments about depression. I am 48 years of age and am currently in a major depression. I have been using PAXIL since my mid 20's and when first given to me thought it was a miracle drug. I am currently on Paxil 25mg. My first major depression occurred when I was 19 while in college. I was first given Sinequain which made my tired and lazy. I eventually weaned off of it by age 21. Was doing well until mid-twenties and had another episode. I was immediately given Paxil and with that and learning my wife and I were goi
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