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  1. Thanks for the reply. Depression returned so I'm going back on it until I can see my pdoc and come up with a better solution.
  2. I've gone up and down on abilify a few times over the last three years, tapering off to practically nothing at some points, but I think this is the last chance it gets with me. I feel way too flat, and every time I upped my dose in the past the same thing happened- joyless existence and general lack of motivation or satisfaction. I would hit a bumpy patch of depression or anxiety and up the dose would go, and it worked, but at the expense of a normal range of emotions. So down the dose would go again, and my motivation would return and restlessness and lack of focus would decrease. I'm ready to tell the pdoc that I'm done with it once and for all. Has anyone experienced flatness with abilify? Has anyone found a good alternative- something that keeps the ruminating at bay but doesn't carpet-bomb motivation and desire?
  3. Mood disorder NOS here as well, and I feel ok with it. My pdoc made some attempt to get my history at my intake, but diagnosed me after about 30 min- a little quick I guess. But I'm ok with for the reason stated above: he treats my symptoms and doesn't focus on the dx.
  4. For those of you into this kind of hippie crap (I know I am!) this is a free dealie. THE guy who wrote the "Mindful Way through depression/anxiety/whatever" is a speaker, as well as some other mental health related folk. http://themindfulnesssummit.com/
  5. Bring it! I grow my own chilies cause the ones at the store are dull. The person below me has at least one living grandparent.
  6. I was on lamotrigine for about a year but was really tired and unmotivated, so pdoc added bupropion. It was the perfect combo for about four months, and I felt like "myself" for the first time in 2 years, but I crashed badly recently. Dr added abilify and seroquel. Still waiting for the effects to kick in. (crossing fingers)
  7. I have a hubs that makes me laugh I'm able to start weight training again Getting stabler every day since I fucked up my meds a few weeks ago
  8. This morning going for 30 min dog walk, then 60 min weight training, but easy to build endurance
  9. Back on the horse- leaving right after this to walk dogs for 30 min, then 30 min weight training
  10. For some people, unfortunately, trying to be a normal drinker is just more of a pia than it's worth. And it does indeed make MI symptoms worse, as well as reducing the effectiveness of some meds. And it makes it less likely that you can do other things that will help you get healthy, like eat right and exercise. Get some support if you can- quitting and staying quit is about 1000 times easier if you don't go it alone. You're welcome to PM me if you want.
  11. Dizziness, dizziness, and more dizziness. For many months. But it decreased to a tolerable level eventually.
  12. I've missed doing this too. You're right- it does help, and sets a good tone for the day. It's going to be cooler today so I can work outside if I want to I'm doing good self-care this week to help my brain heal from last week's icky-ness I'm starting a new healthier diet today
  13. Had a beer last weekend in a fit of anger and despair, but am not going to have any more. It's just too hard to moderate. I can't even enjoy the one I have without constantly thinking about how to get the next one. It also helped that the hubs was hammered all weekend- I got to see the lovely effects of alcohol on the stomach and face, not to mention in his behavior. I really could have used someone to talk to, but instead he was passed out on the couch. I spent too many years passed out on couches- I don't want to be like that anymore.
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