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  1. My therapists were encouraging me to one again try to get rid of my tools and I almost did but in doing so I found a nastier tool and escalated instead instead of de-escalating. I did something worse than I have been doing to myself, that I haven't done in months and I hate myself for it. I feel like such a failure.
  2. Hi my name is Jess and I'm in an abusive relationships and the worst part is I am my own abuser. I am trying to fight it and I'm trying other ways to cope but it feels as if self harms grip is getting tighter on me. I feel like I'm killing myself slowly.
  3. I think it is however unfortunately for the benefits of my OCD we are just starting intensive work on emotional regulation so that's going to have to wait.
  4. I cross tapered from luvox to zoloft. In fact I was taking the max dose of luvox and 50mg of Zoloft for several weeks before the tapering actually started.
  5. My skin was great while I was on it but it doesn't do much for my OCD or overall anxiety.
  6. I was first diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder then schizoid PD and finally BPD. I fitted the diagnostic criteria for all 3 but only after several sessions with a psychiatrist was he satisfied with the borderline diagnosis.
  7. I'm on zoloft but for OCD not bpd for that I'm on sodium valproate (mood stabilizer) and lorazepam (benzo). For me the Zoloft didn't even touch the bpd anxiety. Good luck I hope it works for you.
  8. I don't lie but sometimes I don't tell the whole truth if they don't ask the right questions.
  9. Emotional disregulation as a symptom of bpd and this is not about more medication it's how dismissive he is about my symptoms. Last session I told him how I've been easy to anger since they upped the sertraline and stopped the fluvoxamine and he replied with that's just emotional disregulation and I have half a dozen other examples of this. He just seams content now that he has somewhere easy to shove things. (double negatives are good but they drive me crazy when they're used incorrectly)
  10. Since I have been diagnosed as borderline no matter what I tell the psychiatrist he just keeps putting it down to emotional disregulation and it's really starting to get to me! And the worst part is that this post is evidence of that.
  11. Has anyone ever developed anger/rage issues while taking sertraline?
  12. Well they're changing my meds, they are taking me off the fluvoxamine, upping the sertraline to it's max dose and adding in olanzapine prn. Aside from that my psychologist is going to talk to my mother (I don't want this to happen but I know it has to), the other people annoy me, the food sucks and the nurses are great. I've had at least one freek out a day that results in me hiding in my room while crying and hyperventilating And I really hope that I will be out of here by next Tuesday as Wednesday is my birthday and I don't want to spend my birthday on a psych ward.
  13. Thanks guys. I had session with the psych today and now I really really want to hurt myself so I think I'm in the right place.
  14. As of tonight I am now a voluntary IP. This is my first time IP. I'm going in because the PTSD, OCD and borderline are all playing off one another and making me crazier every day. I want to get better. Wish me luck.
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