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  1. Hello Crazy Boards, it's been awhile! How have all of you been? I wanted to know if of you have had allergic experiences with Seroquel...? I have taken Seroquel on and off over the years, and each of those times I've stopped the med due the reactions I have to it, including headaches, facial pain & spasms, swelling, weight-gain and trouble breathing (I happen to have severe asthma, so that last one sucks.) It's a lengthy story, but I recently took Seroquel on a daily basis for about two-and-a-half weeks, at a dosage ranging from 50 - 150mg. During the time I was taking it, I had what I believed was a cold. As I stopped the Seroquel, most of the cold symptoms subsided and I was left with chest congestion that would not go away, and a deep, non-productive cough. It is/was like this tight fullness that occupies the area of my throat and upper lungs. I have times where there is dull to moderate throbbing in my chest, with occasional pangs. I find that I am often short of breath, which results in an obnoxious cough with wheezing. I have also been plagued with an incessant, all-over-the-body kind of itching, with a rash that presents occasionally. I stopped Seroquel two weeks ago after two weeks of taking it at dosages of 50-150mg. Is it possible that I am experiencing an allergic reaction even though I am off that med? I have been seen 3 times this week (In addition to asthma, I have a small history with blod clots. Difficulty breathing freaks me out a bit). My Dr's have ruled out blood clots, infections, general/seasonal allergies, or masses or tumors of any kind. More interesting is the fact that each time I was seen they listened to my lungs, and they are clear. I am being told that the issue is in my throat (inflammation or swelling). It was suggested that my coughing was causing the inflammation and swelling in my throat, and as I continued coughing it increased it moved into my lungs. In addition to throat inflammation in my throat I am also having inflammation/burning/discomfort in my mouth (cheeks, gums, etc) and it is very sensitive. I was prescribed Atarax for the itching and a three day supply of Prednisone (which I started this morning. I'm desperate.) I keep waiting for things to work. Antihistamines don't work unless I take them in huge doses (Example: Benedryl 100mg). Like I said, I have asthma, and so I nebulize. Nebulizing actually aggravates my symptoms, leaving me tight and anxious. I have 3 theories, and they are: a) Allergy to Seroquel or some other medication b) viral infection and... c) An oral herpetic outbreak of the mouth and throat (Yes, I have Herpes Simplex 1 (oral herpes) I went on too long. Have any of you experienced this kind of thing, be it on Seroquel or not? Will super high doses of antihistamines just phase it out or will it continue to come back everyday? The short breathing attacks come on quite suddenly...I dunno...Insight please? Thanks in advance.
  2. I am currently titrating up on Seroquel and titrating down from Risperdone simulteneously. It has been a smooth transition so far but today my mood took a serious nosedive for no reason whatsoever. I know I can get really bitchy when I am off Risperdone, so I know that coming off of that is going to have an effect. In the meantime I just titrated up to 300mg on Seroquel. It's my understanding that this is the level that theraputic doses start at. How long does it take before you begin to feel the positive, mood boosting benefits of Seroquel? I have been very lucky so far, I have had hardly any side affects, no real sedation or sinus affects, Im not eating everything I can get my hands on, but today my mood has bounced between total rage and very deep, dark depression, just unusually BAD. I am hoping this is just from coming off of Risperdal, because thats what it feels like. Thanks in advance!
  3. Ive also heard that the sedation wears off at that dosage too. Im on 100mg, and Im not getting sleepy from it, a bit groggy in the morning though.
  4. Turns out you were right, he was fine with putting me on Seroquel. I did have another question about it's antidepression affects.......at what dose does it begin to have antidepression affects? My pdoc is having me work towards 400 mg (which Im nervous about). Thanks so much!
  5. Ive also been hearing that Seroquel can raise prolactin as well, which is not good for me. Oh well it should be an interesting appointment.
  6. Interesting......I have an appt with pdoc tomorrow, I have to switch out the Risperdone because of Prolactin issues, Im hoping he will put me back on Seroquel. *crossed fingers*
  7. I was just curious, what exactly makes Seroquel a mood booster? I have been adding it to the mix lately to help me sleep, and I have noticed an improvement in my mood. Is there a connection? How does Seroquel function as a mood booster? Has anyone else noticed this?
  8. Im hoping my pdoc can just switch me to Seroquel, I seem to do better moodwise on that med anyways. What are the odds that it's my med combo rather than just the Risperdal? Im getting nervous that theres going to be a major overhaul here. And how severe a depression can elevated prolactin cause? Because, Ive been in the pit lately. I never fully realized that it could be a hormone imbalance caused by the psych meds......but Im learning now. MRI is scheduled for Tuesday.
  9. OMG Im sorry, I recalled posting but I couldnt find it when I went looking for it. thanks so much! Again, very sorry.
  10. My Dr called and my prolactin levels are through the roof. (She said that a normal level is around 30 and my level was in the 120's) Im going to have to get an MRI to make sure there is not a tumor over my pituitary gland. Odds are good I will have to stop the Risperdone. Oddly enough I have been experienncing some major depression. Can high levels of prolactin cause depression? Also, does this mean that I cannot take any other AAP's, or how does that work? Is Risperdal the only drug that causes high prolactin or are there others? I take Trileptal, Risperdone, Zoloft, Yaz, small amount of Seroquel, and Nuvigil or Dexidrine PRN.
  11. My Dr just called and my prolactin levels are through the roof. Im going to have to get an MRI to make sure there is not a tumor over my pituitary gland. Odds are good I will have to stop the Risperdone. Oddly enough I have been experienncing some major depression. Can high levels of prolactin cause depression? Also, does this mean that I cannot take any other AAP's, or how does that work? Is Risperdal the only drug that causes high prolactin or are there others? I take Trileptal, Risperdone, Zoloft, Yaz, small amount of Seroquel, and Nuvigil or Dexidrine PRN. Thanks so much!
  12. I am currently severely depressed at the moment, and have been for months. I am currently on Trileptal 300mg, Risperdone 4mg, Zoloft 200mg, Ambien 20, with Dexidribe 5mg and Nuvigil PRN. I have been considering when I have felt my best treating whatever it is that I have. (My Dr has said I may be mildly bipolar, and I agree with that. He has also, however said that he's not certain if my depression is bipolar and unipolar.) I recall feeling best on Seroquel as monotherapy. I was taking 125-150mg a night and I would feel fantastic until around 6 at night, when I would start to bawl. You could set your watch to it. My Dr thought that maybe I would need to take 25 mg in the afternoon, but at the time that wouldn't have been workable with Seroquel being as sedating as it is. So eventually we stopped the Seroquel completely and moved onto other mood stablizers. I am considering approaching my pdoc about starting Seroquel again. So here are my questions: Between Seroquel IR and XR, which one will knock me out more during the day? I need to be able to function. I work and I am going to school and I am trying to plan this carefully. Im thinking of starting it over some vacation time. Lately I have also been taking 50mg of Seroquel at night because I am trying to eliminate Ambien to see if that improves my mood at all. Even at 50mg Seroquel, its not that sedating for me. How long does it take to be affective on depression, and how much time should I allow? Should I keep my Trileptal as my main mood stablizer or will the Seroquel be enough? Can Seroquel manage the depression enough that Zoloft won't be necessary? How does it affect you cognitively? And finally, I am interested in hearing from those who are mainly on Seroquel. How has it been? Do you take just IR, just XR, or a combination? How has it been affective? Any details would be great.
  13. Hey thanks for the responses to my post! To answer your questions.......... How long is your total history of depression? I have been fighting depression since I was a kid. I remember sitting in my pediatrician's office, listening to him explain to my mom that I was clinically depressed. Im 29 now. There is a family history of both bipolar and depression. As frustrating an answer as that can be, there is a certain amount of sense to it. Do you have mania? I believe I have experienced mania, rarely has it been extreme. I have been hospitalized twice, one time against my will. There are different levels to it for me. There have been times where it was pure euphoria, times where it was pure rage, pure fear at others, and still pure weirdness at others. My breed of bipolar has been mainly dominated by depression with brief high periods. I can also be very impulsive unmedicated. I buy everything, stash everything, eat everything, and drink everything. Im better off on meds because that means there's money in my bank account. But to be quite honest, Id give my right arm for a sliver of mania right now. Im that flat, that low. People that have known me want to know what the hell has happened to me, why I don't talk and laugh anymore. I was never thrilled to have a mood disorder but there's something humiliating about it when it spills out into your personal/social life. Im even having trouble functioning at work. That said, you sound depressed to me. Not as a side issue to any other organic ailment, but plain ole depressed. (I aint no expert tho.) I definitley think Im depressed, it's just that nothing seems to be working and Im starting to get the urge to quit the meds and go back to being crazy. At least Id laugh more often and go back to being a creative individual. I just can't help but ask myself, at what point are the meds just too much? What if the meds are what's making me depressed? Any mental illness can get better or worse. Remission is an illusive quality many of us have spent most our lives pursuing. My mental health seems to be optimal when I follow my doctors recommendations to a "T" (iow, not my best take on what doc says.), eat well, rest well, exercise and stay on my meds. It sounds amazingly simplistic, but you would be surprised how many of us veteran nutballs have a real hard time doing just that. Im currently doing both college and work right now and exercise is the thing I really wish I had time for. Again thank you all for your responses!
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