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  1. I don't drink on the benzos or when taking the Propranolol.
  2. Hello, I'm new here and I want to inquire about something that I'm sure you've heard about a billion times... well, now a billion and one. I'm on Buproprion and Fluoxetine, which I've drank on and I feel Ok. When I had a higher dose of Fluoxetine I felt like death the next day, but I'm on a lower dose and I feel fine when drinking on it. Some more anxiety the next day is all. I recently started Abilify on top of those meds. I also take a small dose of Propranolol and I have Xanax and Klonopin at my disposal (barely use them, but they are there and I take only a half or a quarter of one to get the effect). We are having a surprise party for my cousin this weekend. My whole family will be there and, of course, I'd like to indulge a bit. Not crazy heavily. But... socially. Maybe sip on a mixed drink and have a few of those over the course of multiple hours. What are the thoughts given my scenario?
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