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  1. Thanks for the feedback I definitely plan on sticking it out to see if it works, and I haven't had any side effects yet. I was mostly curious because the side effect was listed as "change in sex drive", not decrease or increase.
  2. Hi! I'm starting Lorazepam 1mg twice daily if needed. As part of the side effects, it lists "changes in sex drive/ability". I was just wondering what exactly "changes" mean? Anyone have any experiences with an increase or decrease in sex drive? I was previously on Pristiq- completely got rid of my sex drive. Now I'm on Wellbutrin, and my sex drive is finally back, which I was excited about. I'm worried it will go away again. I'm also on Zoloft which can decrease sex drive as well... uhg!
  3. Was talking about my diagnosis today with someone, and they said "wow that is a lot to cope with". Having someone actually acknowledge what I deal with.. usually I'm told it will be okay. Having someone understand made me feel good, that I'm not crazy for feeling how I feel.

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      when that happens it can just be so validating, to have some acknowledge that your life is hard and you work hard. a good tdoc has always provided that for me (at least temporarily)

  4. @chem thank you! I don't know why I never thought of calamine lotion @notfred I wonder why my family doctor never mentioned Zantac, I've also asked pharmacists at two different places what would be best to take, and was just told Benadryl. I might pick up some Zatac tomorrow, hopefully it's not to expensive! I've had a cream like Kenalog, but I prefer to not use it. The benadryl cream was just as helpful anyway. Thank you for your feedback!
  5. @tryp sometimes mine take longer then an hour to go away but my family doctor has seen them, and said they're definitely hives. Ontario sucks for any kind of specialist, it takes foreveeeer. @Gearhead ohhh I'll definitely look into buying oatmeal bath stuff! That would be very soothing.
  6. @melissaw72 I'm unfortunately not choosing to wait this long to see the allergist, it's just that the wait times are ridiculously long to get in to one. I've been calling there office weekly to ask about any cancellations to try to get an earlier appointment, with no luck. @tryp Yes, I am in Canada (Ontario). The wait times are super long, it's so frustrating. I wish my primary doctor would have sent in the recommendation earlier, but he thought changing laundry detergent and the prescription he gave me would make them clear up. I'm currently without insurance (due to not going back to school in Sept, so not being under university or parents coverage), and trying to apply for Trillium (provincial med coverage), so I'm trying to use over the counter stuff which is a bit cheaper than prescription medications. I will definitely look into Zantac though, I didn't know that was an antihistamine! I knew it helps with stomach acid and ulcers, which might be useful because I know when I'm more anxious, my stomach seems to be more acidy and I end up taking a bunch of Tums daily. Thank you for all that information and yes, being itchy is absolutely horrible! And having hives, and marks left behind from scratching, is horrible too @WinterRosie I hate them too. I will be looking into Zantac, thanks for your feedback @discomposed I actually recently had a friend recommend asking for a referral to a dermatologist as well as the referral I already have for the allergist. It definitely makes sense, because I don't really think the hives are an "allergy". I know it's not bed bugs, I have super inspected my bed, because I got slightly paranoid about having them. They aren't overly clustered hives. I don't think they are heat related. On my meds I do notice that I adjust weirdly to changes in temperature (such as going from the cold outside to the warmth inside, I overheat a bunch), it was worse on Pristiq, although still happens on Wellbutrin. I don't think it would be sun exposure either. Because it is winter, I'm pretty covered up, and outside less then I was before the hives. About a month before I started having hives, I did increase from 50 mg of Pristiq (which I had been on for a few months) to 100 mg. However, Pristiq wasn't working for me, so I stopped taking it at the end of October (a month after the hives appeared). I then transitioned to Wellbutrin, and there has been no changes in my hives. I've tried thinking of other things that could have changed in the months before the hives, but have not been able to think of anything. I do have the Benadryl Anti-Itch Cream which I use for hives that are really itchy, and I find it does help. And if I forget not to scratch, it kind of creates a barrier. Oddly enough, I don't have any side-effects with the pill form of Benadryl or other antihistamines either. I know they're supposed to cause drowsiness, which I was looking forward to because I have a lot of trouble falling asleep/ staying asleep (yay insomnia!). But unfortunately they don't make me drowsy at all I suppose that is a good thing, but that's one side effect I wouldn't mind having.
  7. @discomposed those are very good ideas, and I may have to look into that further. When I was seeing my psychologist, we did talk about other options for me once our sessions had to end (we didn't expect my insurance to run out, but because I didn't go back to school in Sept, my university coverage stopped, and I had already used up my personal insurance). The options she gave me were to get a recommendation for a psychiatrist, as well as group therapy. The group therapy has no cost, and I will be honest in saying I don't know why I haven't gone yet.. I guess the idea of a group makes me anxious. I know the office I went to to see my psychologist had students practising there as well, but it was still around, if not above, $100/hour. I bought a depression & anxiety dbt workbook today. Some of the worksheets are similar to what my psychologist would give me, so hopefully it helps.
  8. Hey all! First, a bit of history: I have no known allergies, have never had a bad reaction to any foods, substances, anything. I've never had hives, rashes, etc. So since September 27th, I have been experiencing hives. I noticed them that night before I went to bed, and they were pretty bad the next day. At first I thought it might be a change in laundry soap, as I had done laundry the day or two before. Normally we have Tide Coldwater HE, but this time it was just regular Tide HE (which I've used before). So I went out and bought baby hypoallergenic laundry soap, and rewashed everything. There was no change with my hives. Since then I've also gone back to Tide Coldwater HE, and again no change. I'm positive there has been no other changes in terms of my environment, diet, soaps, etc. It's taking forever to get an appointment with an allergist. I've seen my primary doctor several times, and he also has no idea what it could be. He had given me a prescription for an antihistamine, but it really made no difference. If the hives get really bad, I will take benadryl.. but even that just takes the edge off. I've had nights were I've had to shower at 3 or 4 in the morning, hoping the cold water would help. Lately they have been a LOT better thankfully, but they are still there daily. I'll usually only get a few here and there, maybe a patch of them. I've had them everywhere from my shoulders down (including lip, palms, bottom of feet- such random places). I'm tired of being itchy, and now being self conscious about not only the hives, but marks from scratching (which I try really hard not to do). Is it possible that it's from stress/anxiety, depression, BPD? I haven't really felt that much worse since it started happening, but I did stop seeing my psychologist (due to lack of insurance coverage) about 1 to 2 weeks before the hives started :/ At this point I would love any tips/suggestions/feedback that anyone has! It will likely be another month or two before I see the allergist.
  9. Thank you all for the welcomes! @Aidan I don't know of any cheap psychs here (Canada). Psychiatrist are covered by our health care, but the wait time is so long. Psychologist are not covered, but I had insurance for a while. I've seen my primary doctor, he's the one that sent in the referral, and also been prescribing my meds for me. Hopefully the psychiatrist will be able to find a med that is a better fit.
  10. Hello! I've read posts on this site for quite a while now, and figured it might be useful to join and participate. Super frustrated with how long it's taking to get in to see a psychiatrist and feeling like I'm going well.. crazy while waiting! Previously saw a psychologist, but ran out of insurance coverage. And now I'm just rambling... My diagnosis is below. I feel like the Borderline "traits" are becoming worse and more prominent, and I need to find ways to cope with them better. Sometimes the way I'm feeling, or even behaving, is causing a lot of anxiety.. So hopefully some of the forums on here will help me out!
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