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  1. Told my husband to move his xbox into his cave. I may never see him again...that room is scary.
  2. Hi, Aiden. Can you send me a sheep? You asked about the start up of Effexor. I used it for two weeks after crying at my first appointment with a new nurse practitioner (we moved to a new city) and it stopped my crying immediately, relieved some muscle pain and made me sleepy. The next visit I was so happy (and expansive), I got the bipolarII Dx and new Rx. I joke I want the Effexor back! Although it took awhile to joke. The new meds created a quite unpleasant version of myself. Off to play with more wool. Best wishes.
  3. I'm sorry you had such a disappointing and stressful experience trying to get your friend's help and follow through. Since you asked for our definitions of a friend, I'll add my vote for the value of a true friend who holds me accountable for my promises. I couldn't discern from your story if you called him out on his behavior. If I felt that my friendship would not dissolve after a little truth telling such as that (extended both ways), I'd consider the friendship solid. Otherwise, as others have written, I'd keep things friendly but be a friend to yourself and find more genuinely caring people for important stuff. I hope you successfully sorted out your legal issue. Best wishes.
  4. Hi. I'm new here. Your post caught my attention because I have a bit of experience living with ONE person with Asperger's (that's a reference to the common suggestion that the spectrum is so varied, everyone's set of aspie traits is unique). We've been married close to ten years, and we both did not know he had ASD when we married. Concerning your question (copied above), it's difficult to predict the success of any relationship, long term, but I will say, ASD has added a lot of stress as we've adapted to one another. Some of my husband's aspie traits have also created ground for our successes. Perhaps, if you haven't already, take a look at Tony Attwood's book and/or seek out some direct info from aspie females on wrong planet dot net. I will say that the "partners of aspies" forums on other sites can be a bit daunting as people are often there to vent.... a lot. Wishing you the best.
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