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  1. I have schizophrenia (negative symptoms) I went to junior college for 3 years failed miserably. I resntly got better so I got in to realty school I am doing very well all As but my health is deteriorating and I'm not sure I can work with a job that involves constant comunication with people. Anybody else have negative symptoms?
  2. ^^^ Lack of friends, relationships, or close acquantances hurts me the most. you guys wanna be friends I need someone that's going through the same thing I'm going through
  3. For me is not being able to funcition in society. I was doing so well. First after I hooked up with a guy I felt better. I looked completely normal to society, but then I fell in love and the negative Symptoms went away, and I was able to socialize keep a conversation going and enjoy life. Now I feel like my youth is wasting away and I'm doing nothing. It really bothers me because I want to feel Alive again.i don't want to fall in love again because I'm very picky,I want a guy who want a girl that's healthy. At atleast met me healthy. I read somewhere negative symptoms can last for years which was the way in my case but I don't want it to happen again. I want to be as funcitonal as possible. I'm in the proses of getting my realtors license and that Involves a lot of communicating. I really need to hear that someone over came this and is doing fine I need motivation. Anybody want to keep in touch message me.
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