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  1. regretting not taking my meds for the past few days

  2. Ah, thank you all! I actually forgot to take my medication a few times this week so my inner hypochondriac kinda took over for today. Hopefully I can end my anxiety about developing new disorders.
  3. (background)I was diagnosed with Excoriation disorder a few months ago, but I've definitely had it for 4-6 years. Mine is currently and always has been out of control. My disorder has not only affected my social life but also my career and my education. Many many many people (bosses even professors) have asked me what the hell is wrong with my legs (legs are scared for life by this). My counselor is basically clueless on how to help me, I have no outlet, I have no one who understands what it's like. I feel as if its an impulse I cannot control. I cannot make myself stop. Please, please if you can offer me and advice it would help. I am tired of going through this alone. I've never talked to anyone else with this disorder and I also want to know other experiences people have had with it.
  4. Okay, I have been diagnosed with multiple disorders and see a counselor weekly and a psychiatrist often. I was finally feeling back in control of my life after being unstable for awhile. But then I realized something.... Incidence 1: (Real) Me and my boyfriend are in the car on a busy road. We pull over multiple times because of cop cars, ambulances and what not. There were a few 'unmarked cop cars' that had sirens and blue blinking lights. (What I thought happened) Along with some ambulances and cop cars there were a few cars that were RACING! They had sirens so other cars would stay out of their way. The had blue lights instead of red and blue lights because they weren't really cops and just bought the lights online. I proceeded to tell my boyfriend that those cars were racing and he insisted they were unmarked cop cars. I proceeded to tell my roommates and their parents the same story and they told me the same thing. I still went on believing they were racing. (still kinda do) Incidence 2: (Real) I was watching tv and channel surfing in my room. (What I thought happened) Since I live in an apartment we get cable and antenna channels mixed together. Flipping through the channels I saw Islamic extremists yelling about something. Other countries can show propaganda on antenna tv. This happened awhile ago and I never told anyone until last night. Everyone thought I was crazy, I started thinking I might be having delusions. Incidence 3: (Real) Hung out with my friends last night. Went to bed about 1. (What I thought happened) Hung out with my friends last night until 4 in the morning. Got yelled at by my roommate for making too much noise so we went to bed. (This was my first thought I had and I was very confused and disoriented but soon put together what actually happened, except I don't know if we got yelled at or not) Since these incidents I feel very unsure and confused about what is happening with me. I am not sure if this is a problem and I'm really embarrassed to talk to my counselor about it. If you need more info to give better advise just ask. Thank you!
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