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  1. Mental illness needs to be taken more seriously! These fucking shootings will NEVER FUCKING STOP if people keep ignoring one of the big problems! Not all mentally ill people become homicidal maniacs but a lot do. Doing what these murderers do is NOT normal and people need to stop writing it off as "OH HE WAS JUST ANGRY" "OH WHO CARES STFU ABOUT THEM". I  got into a facebook argument because my Aunt refused to understand what I was saying...She kept spewing the same shit about "Oh I DON'T CARE IF HE WAS MENTALLY ILL I DON'T CARE THIS AND THAT INNOCENT PEOPLE DIED BLAH BLAH HE'S TO BLAME" yet I never said he wasn't to blame....Only that mental health care is horrible and too many people ignore obviously disturbed people. 

    Mental illness is seen as a joke by "normal" people. We get told to "get over it" or "stop feeling that way". These school shooters and serial killers always show signs of having issues but everyone around them writes them off. Add on a horrible mental health care system and it's a recipe for disaster...

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