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  1. So my Mom had an aneurysm/stroke at work Thursday...She is in the ICU now in what I suppose would be considered a coma...I honestly don't know if I will make it through this. I love her so much and miss her. I have horrible codependency issues and have relied on her my entire life for literally EVERYTHING. I can't live without her...she doesn't deserve this at all...she is a good, selfless person and I've treated her so horribly and done/said such terrible things to her that i will never forgive myself for. I need her to know how sorry I am and how much I love her....why is this happening?

    1. jt07


      Best wishes that your mom recovers. Try not to beat yourself up because you know that she forgives you and wants the best for you. It does no good if you are going to destroy yourself. Keep hoping and praying (if you are religious) for the best. Take care.

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