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  1. So it's been a week since my Mom had her stroke and aneurysm...She's slowly getting better, it seems. Her Nurse last night on the phone said my Mom spontaneously opened her eyes a couple of times which is fairly new and she was following commands again and also started giving a thumbs up when asked (albeit a little delayed but progress nonetheless). tomorrow we have a meeting with the caseworker and some doctors I guess to figure out what to do for the future and stuff...I keep fearing the worst, like they'll give some awful news and I'll just end up having a mental breakdown. 

    1. jt07


      That's great news! I doubt they will give some awful news since she is showing definite signs of improvement. I am happy to hear she is making progress.

      Be sure to take care of yourself too. 

    2. Gearhead


      Very glad to hear your mom is improving!

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