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  1. Well, my Mom is talking with a valve on her trach...she's there mentally but not there at the same time. She kept saying to me last night "Let's go" and when asked where she said the mental hospital. We asked who said we had to go there and she said the name of my old Psychiatrist (I feel awful because we kept asking for his name and it took so long for it to click in my head WHO she was saying). I feel so bad because she kept kind of pushing my hand as if she were pushing me out the door and saying "let's go". It was a bit trippy considering the time's she's remembering is from around 1999 - 2003ish. I get that her brain needs time to kind of rewire and heal so her memories are a mishmash of old and recent...IT's just going to take a bit of time to get her brain back on track. Although the Nurse did say worst-case scenario is that she stays the way she is now...which I mean, alive which is GREAT...but bedridden, with a urinary catheter and tube thing for number twos, with a damn PEG tube for tube feeding, memory all over the place with some decent moments of lucidity.

    What a fucking shit show. She has diabetes which is news to us and would be to her...I am so FUCKING ANGRY because ALL of this could have been prevented if she had gone to the doctor like we had been begging her to for months... I'm assuming the stroke was a complication of untreated diabetes which she could have been diagnosed and taking care of if she had freaking listened to us for once...ugh...

    1. jt07


      Well, you don't know that the stroke was the result of untreated diabetes. It could be, but it could not be also. I wouldn't get too angry over it because it is one of those things that is impossible to know. Not everybody with untreated diabetes has strokes.

      I'm glad your mom is making progress. It's going to take time, but I think she has made remarkable progress is a relatively short time. A stroke is severe and it just takes time. Given that this is the immediate aftermath of the stroke, and she has progressed I"d say she has a good chance of progressing further.

      Uncertainty is hard to deal with, I know. You are given essentially 3 outcomes: 1. She gets completely better. 2. She gets better but not completely or 3. She stays the same as she is now. And it is uncertain which it will be. Since you have no better reason to assume the worse over the best, it's better to focus on the good and forget about the bad. You might not even have to deal with the bad, but if you do you will have saved yourself a lot of worrying and bad feelings.

      Good luck to you and her, and I'll keep you in my thoughts.

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