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  1. Feeling better today after sleeping for two days straight. I wonder if I had the virus...

    1. dancesintherain


      could be.  a friend who is a medic says that it can present differently in people--that some have the big 3 (fever, dry cough, and difficulty breathing) and others have one or two with other symptoms attached.

  2. Day two of sick. When and should I get tested?

    1. saintalto


      I’m not sure if you are in the US but in my state there is a huge shortage of tests so they are not able to test everyone who is sick or who has been exposed. This is what a local news website for my state says:

      Even with these additional labs available, facilities are being advised to be judicious about testing people who haven’t been admitted to the hospital. The advice is to limit testing to certain people with symptoms: health care providers, people with high risk of complications and residents of facilities where spread risk is high like nursing homes and shelters. 

  3. aura


    Yay! Looking forward to more. :)
  4. I can't live with this severe anxiety anymore. It doesn't feel worth it. :(

    1. Wonderful.Cheese


      I’m sorry you feel so anxious aura. I hope it gets better ASAP. 

  5. Started out "sex only" ten years ago, and now we're married. But definitely started explicitly not looking for a relationship.
  6. Fell in the bathtub and I think I cracked a rib. What should I do?

    1. Gearhead


      ER. I’ve cracked ribs before. You need to know if it’s cracked, broken, bruised, or out of place. 

    2. aura


      @Gearhead I made a doctor's appointment for tomorrow. Thanks for the push!

  7. home sweet home

  8. I've been diagnosed with OSFED for occasional purging without binging. @jarn My wife has avoidant restrictive food intake disorder. When she was a child, she would only eat foods of a certain color (red, in particular).
  9. @mikl_pls I relate so hard to the point where the doctor asks if she has attention problems and she just goes blank and says "huh?"
  10. I have a tendency to go off topic in conversations. People stop and look at me like "wtf haven't you been listening?" My family in particular gets upset when I do this. Is this a kind of thought disorder? Not knowing how to stay on topic?
  11. I tried glycopyrrolate but it increased my already high pulse rate.
  12. I've had this experience before. I hope it doesn't happen again for you. It must have been frightening.
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