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  1. Is it possible to be getting sleep but still be manic? People here keep saying I'm manic. I have trouble falling asleep but I sleep through the night and I lay in bed for hours in the morning dreading getting up to face the day ahead Anyone relate?
  2. @Blahblah and @saintalto I've been taking the ritalin only sparingly, and I'm not noticing any difference except for morning wakefulness. I'm having symptoms even after I stopped taking the ritalin days at a time.
  3. Pdoc is considering putting me on haldol. Any experiences to share from the CB crowed? Is being afraid of tardive dyskinesia warranted?
  4. I wouldn't be shocked if DayQuil exacerbates AHs. I only took it once or twice ever and it made me feel like I had magical powers. What on earth do they put in it!
  5. The darkness has shifted to euphoria. I feel like dancing.
  6. My stupid cat ate my earbuds. ER vet says he should "bulk up" on food and it should pass. Fun night. 

    1. jarn


      Cats are idiots.  Well, all animals are.  The puppy was licking Neb's eye which is now infected UGH


    2. aura
  7. I don't usually get mixed episodes. I definitely tend more towards euphoric mania and somatic depression. But for the past week or two I've been dealing with loads of agitation. I am having trouble sitting still and doing work. I have also been emotionally labile, feeling like I'm going to cry for no reason.Then there is the super terrible anxiety and OCD. On top of it all are auditory hallucinations and racing thoughts. I know that no one here can diagnose me, but does this sound similar in any way to your mixed episodes? I'm meeting pdoc on Monday and plan to ask him.
  8. OCD is out of control. I can't live like this.

  9. Most of the meds I'm taking are geared towards psych med side effects! clozapine 500mg (psychosis and mood) methylphenidate 5mg (sleepiness, likely due to meds) metoprolol 50mg (mitigate tachycardia from clozapine) clonazepam 1-2mg PRN (anxiety) olanzapine 2.5mg PRN (breakthrough psychosis) atropine sulfate PRN (to reduce drooling related to clozapine)
  10. That's troubling. I lactated on risperdal and invega, but when I went off the meds the lactation stopped. I hope your doctor will have some answers.
  11. I hope you find community here. I certainly have!
  12. Zyprexa PRN got rid of the hallucinations without making me fall asleep. Yay!

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