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  1. I'm just finding out about jt now. So sad to hear this. He always made me feel heard and supported on the boards. RIP.
  2. Does anyone here have schizophrenia or schizoaffective and also OCD? My insight into my obsessions and compulsions is terrible (such as thinking I accidentally molested someone and should turn myself into the police). Where does OCD end and psychosis begin, especially with weak insight? If you also have this experience, what works for you treatment wise?
  3. I brought buckets of clonazepam from US to Egypt and back multiple times. No issues.
  4. On my aftercare document it always says what I was seen for. It usually says whatever we focused on most during that session, such as "depression" or "anxiety."
  5. Pdoc put my diagnosis as "schizophrenia" on my insurance form today. I wonder if he really thinks that...
  6. I just went through a rough week of depression and psychosis, and I barely remember anything. My tdoc thinks I went into a "dissociative fugue" state and moved things around my apartment, with no memory of it later. Has this happened to anyone else? The internet seems to think it's a rare occurrence.
  7. Stupid voices make it hard to read. :(

  8. I was in an uber today and we drove by some guy walking onto the highway ramp. The driver was like: "he's gotta be schizo!" Awkward.
  9. I have total memory loss from this past week of deep depression, suicidal thoughts, and psychosis. I probably should have gone to the hospital.
  10. I have some insight when I'm manic usually. I would say call your doctor before it gets worse.
  11. Clozapine works way better for me than olanzapine. The blood tests are annoying, but for me they are worth it.
  12. My anxiety is so out of control that I feel suicidal. I don't want to live this way anymore. This isn't a life.
  13. I lactated on both risperdal and invega. It wouldn't have been that huge of a problem, except that my breasts and nipples were also extremely painful. I had to discontinue.
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