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  1. Lots of side effects, but psychosis-wise it has been a miracle drug. I got my life back.
  2. The YouTube people are talking to me. 

    1. Gearhead


      Have you called your doctor?

  3. Is this a symptom? All day long when I hear people say something I realize I knew already exactly what they were going to say. I told pdoc and he said to just keep an eye on it.
  4. Is feeling unsafe - even at home - a symptom of trauma? I also have anxiety disorders, but this feels different.
  5. I take ritalin and it hasn't caused psychosis for me. It promotes wakefulness to counteract sedating medications.
  6. Anyone ever get positive voices? The other day I was hearing the voices encouraging me, like "you can do it!" So random.
  7. I just wanted to create a thread to celebrate Elliot Page's bravery in coming out as trans. As a nonbinary person, it means a lot to have someone trans in the media, especially someone who I look up to. Good for him!
  8. Mine are located somewhere between the inside and outside of my head. Not sure how else to explain it, but docs have assured me they are hallucinations.
  9. Just wondering: what are your auditory hallucinations like? For me, most of the time, I get random voices I call "chatter." Most of the time I can't make out what they are saying. When things are bad, the voices comment on what I'm doing. But I've never had command hallucinations before (I feel lucky because of this!)
  10. Clozapine has been a miracle drug for me. It helped with both mood and psychosis. The blood draws are a pain, but for me they are worth it.
  11. PASSED! I'm a candidate now! :)

  12. I turned in the final draft of my dissertation proposal! Defense is on Sept. 21 and then I'm officially ABD!

    1. Wonderful.Cheese


      Woo hoo! Way to go! I’m super proud of you!

    2. jarn


      That's so exciting!  Good luck next week!

  13. I feel lonely.

    1. Wonderful.Cheese


      Hi aura. I’m sorry to hear this. :( Loneliness is a tough feeling to have. Be gentle with yourself. Any friend or family member or anyone you could text or call or email? Or is your wife available to talk? Just some ideas. I care. ❤️ 

    2. Wonderful.Cheese


      How’s it going today aura?

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