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  1. i was given an inhaler for this chest cough i had, i also have pet and dust allergies and i am a smoker, i have cut down considerably since, from 14 to 4 a day, but yes if you smoke please reduce the amount and try and smoke outside as there is no ventilation inside. the chest cough went and my breathing is good now, but when i get a cold then i might need my inhalor every now and then. Please do go to your GP or Docter, i would. I need to quit smoking, but it is difficult with a mental health problem.
  2. I understand, i get so hurt, betrayed and angry when they can't accept the flaws in my illness, i would forgive them in a heartbeat if it was them that happened to be ill, i have had to cut certain family members out, and then i get treated like the bad guy, it isn't easy.
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