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  1. Wonderful response. I'm sure your survivors will appreciate your hostility toward a real warning that these drugs have a provable risk that will end in your death or incarceration. For the record, I was diagnosed with clinical depression 25 years ago, suicidal and prescribed a starter pack of 6 weeks of Paxil. I took it 4 weeks and discarded it. I overcame it without prescription suicide and homicide pills. I am not suggesting you stop treatment. I am absolutely suggesting you dig deep and learn the truth about these and other antidepressants and antipsychotics - they are not help
  2. *Hello. I'm brand new and researching certain drugs in relation to a personal tragedy and checked out a few threads on this forum about adverse reactions and interactions. I am not a "troll" and not interested in drug wars. I am in search of answers, understanding, and knowledge in the event of a lawsuit. I hope you will carefully consider my (probably too lengthy) story for a forum seriously, especially if you are experiencing similar effects. Actually, if I start with the backstory I'll end up tangenting too much to get the point out so let's get that out of the way first. My for
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