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  1. Don't have access to a pc right now. I try to read what I can and hope you're all doing well 

    1. BloomingCat


      Hi @Crassansass,

      I was really upset but feel better now, after getting it off my chest/working it out onto my status update & getting a comment from another user.

      Please take a look at it when you have time.

      Thank you & hope you are well~

    2. BloomingCat


      Oh man, I read & commented on your recent blog post.

      I hope you recover soon.

  2. Ngl... I think almost all of those was pure farce. People weren't honest, they maintained an image; perhaps only honest for the special favours they offered those within their circle. Personally modesty isn't as big of a deal everyone makes it, everyone deserves to feel and be comfortable and they don't deserve any less respect or rights because of their short shorts. Family matters; only difference now is that people decide they don't need to put up with abuse because their 'blood'. I don't think manners have every really gone out of style, however that could just be where i'm from. I just disagree with old- fashioned values especially considering how cultural they can be, you really can't say what true values are; in my opinion.
  3. I just want to experience what it is to be loved; not manipulated


    Please some one try to love me.

    1. Crassansass


      i do NOT remember making this update...

  4. Canadian. 3/4 english (and the tiniest bit of irish which still managed to make me a red head) and 1/4 Native. My nana's family left their reserve when she was a child which is really the only reason she eventually met my papa. When she drinks she always complains why she out of her seven siblings got stuck with the whitest of white grandchildren lol not one of us are really tan, and when we do we turn a dark dark red lol
  5. I'm literally splitting on a LadyBug. Loved it, hated it, now trying to 'win' it's affections again. WTH 

  6. Do we just hit the donate button for the website? or do you have a specific paypal or something?
  7. I took Remeron (in fact just changed today for trazadone). I also took it with prozac and perhaps it was a combination of the two that did seem to make a few hypomanic episodes I had a lot more- I guess pronounced? Like I was uppity then an hour later I was a danger to myself. However I had taken these two medications for at least a year before I really started to see a problem. Also the only reason my GP changed my Remeron to Trazadone was because of the weight gain side effect. I found too that the remeron helped for sleeping but I quickly grew a tolerance for it and I don't think they prescribe over 30 mg- so if you build a tolerance for that dosage it's kind of run it's course for you. But that's just my experience
  8. I usually just take a good few minutes throughout my day to massage my jaw and temples, it gives that immediate rush of relief and is (for me anyways) a good way to relax your body.
  9. I wish I had something positive to say; but I feel the same. Since my first hospitalization all of my records are told to everyone (whether it's needed or not) and watching how people treat you and jobs and schools; it's hard and feels sabotaging in a way. Most times people in the medical field make me feel like I'll never have a functioning life, that I'll always be dependent on the system cause I'm too fucked up. Sometimes I wish I just felt like I had to option to be successful.
  10. Told my Dad about The Bad Event. He was upset but not verbally. I want to severly hurt myself. I don't know why I told him. Somebody kill me

  11. I self harm for Other reasons, mostly because I find certain methods calming; whether I'm having a major breakdown or I feel Hypomanic, SH'ing always brings me back to a base point. That does not mean I condone it but the truth is that is what it does for me; be calming.
  12. I wonder what my bunny thinks about me
  13. Mom and Nana are fighting. They're both stupid and horrendous people. I hate them. I wish I could be nicer. 

    Lucky for them all I wanna do is die.

  14. Cloudy and cold today, Negatives in Celsius so I guess mid 20's in F, snow on the ground
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