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  1. I take risperidone twice a day with 1 mg in the afternoon at 3 pm and 1.5 mg at bedtime. I'm tired all day long. Could the sedating effects last even throughout the daytime hours even after taking it at bedtime? And I've been on it a long time but we recently increased the bedtime dosage.
  2. My thoughts are similar and for someone to say that you're psychotic is just not right. You're not, they're intrusive thoughts and you simply won't act on them. I've dealt with mine for the better part of a year. Honestly, risperidone, an antipsychotic has been the most helpful drug for curbing my intrusive thoughts. SSRI's are really effective for lots of people. Do I think because what works for me is an antipsychotic that I'm psychotic? Nope, because my new psychologist is amazing and has diagnosed me with OCD and now I understand where my thoughts are coming from. There's a book called Brainlock - Free yourself from Obsessive-Compulsive Thoughts that's been helpful for me, really homework given to me by my therapist that we're going to base therapy on to help get rid of the thoughts. I work with a NP who prescribes my meds and I'm on a mix that reduces my intrusive thoughts by at least 75%: risperidone (antipsychotic), lamotrigine (mood stabilizer), Effexor (antidepressant), Topamax (off-label use for intrusive thoughts, as well as to combat weight gain caused by antidepressant use), and klonopin (as needed for anxiety, which I usually take when a thought hits and my anxiety about it makes it worse). You have to keep your mind open about meds. I was on every single antidepressant medication on the market for many many years and want to know why they didn't work? Because I wasn't being treated properly. I was being treated for depression, when really I was bipolar and I was being treated for bipolar only, when I'm bipolar AND OCD. So really just work with your therapist and your prescribing psych doctor and keep an open mind to treatments and if you truly feel they're not being effective or are being very closed minded to helping you, then maybe they're not the right professionals for you.
  3. Well, I won't be doing EMDR after all. My new psychologist doesn't think it would benefit me, since she doesn't feel I have PTSD, but rather OCD. But, thanks everyone for your replies!
  4. I was just diagnosed with OCD now at 38 and I am seriously wondering when one of my kids is going to show symptoms of one of my disorders. This may be it. Ugh.
  5. Did you say you're on Effexor now? I gained 45 lbs in 8 months on Effexor. Now that my dosage is down from 150 to just 75 mg, I've lost 27 lbs and that's in just 2.5 months. Effexor was a disaster for me.
  6. I have a 10 year old that picks and picks at her scalp and has two deep round sores on her head where she's been picking. She won't go to get her hair cut any more and she's ashamed to go to the doctor. Any tips on healing the sores and getting her to stop?
  7. I just bought Brainlock for my Kindle because it was given to me as homework by my new psychologist. Is it worth the read?
  8. There has been twice I've wanted to go inpatient. 5 years ago I almost went and just last year I was almost pushed there. Why didn't I go? I knew that if I went, I'd lose my kids. Therefore, I pushed through until I could see my doctors, shutting myself in my room and avoiding life in general. I missed work, stayed away from my family and friends. Should I have gone? I believe so yes. I know during that episode 5 years ago, my psychologist almost forced me to go, but I talked her out of it. I just can't go inpatient. It would ruin m life, no matter how much I think I might need it sometimes.
  9. Thank you,everyone. I like that idea! I'm going to just cancel the appointment and send a brief letter. And yep, I'll post it here before I send it off. I'll work on it today between doing nothing. LOL!
  10. I'm so passive. I want to give her a good "screw you" talking to you know...that whole "what you said really bothered me and I've decided to work with someone who better understands intrusive thoughts" stuff or something like that, but then there's the other part of me that just wants to cancel my next appointment and just never reschedule it! She really made me so mad and I was so hurt that someone would make me feel bad like that. And my NP and this other therapist just couldn't believe that there is someone out there with PHD behind their name that would treat someone so poorly! So I'm still not sure what I'm going to do. I want to tell her off just as much as I want to passively just disappear.
  11. I saw a therapist last year when I had intrusive thoughts ravage my brain and she seemed like she could handle it and my NP got everything under control with medication. I couldn't really afford to keep seeing the therapist and the thoughts had all but gone away with the meds, so I stopped seeing her. Well, anyway, our deductible has been met this year and I can afford to go to therapy again and really focus on dealing with these thoughts, so I decided to go back to her. So I see her and she basically tells me I'm a bad person for having these intrusive thoughts and makes me feel like a straight out nut. So I tell my NP about it and she tells me to go to a psychologist in her practice for a second opinion. So I go see her and wow was she amazing. She diagnoses me with OCD and we come up with a treatment plan. So what do I do with my old therapist? I need to fire her. She's awful. She's terrible. I don't want to go back to her. Not with how she made me feel. So how would you tell her you want to go with someone else. Thanks but no thanks. And by the way, you suck.
  12. Risperdal is amazing for my OCD symptoms. That and a low dose of Effexor.
  13. I had huge success with a combination of Effexor and Risperdal and I'd say it took about 4 weeks for the thoughts to go away. I've had to have my meds adjusted a few times over the last year as my body got used to dosages.
  14. I'm almost starting to think I should just stick with Meds. I'm not sure I have it in me for anything intense right now.
  15. I'm going to see a new psychologist tomorrow recommended by my NP who's been treating me for bipolar, PTSD, intrusive thoughts, and depression for the past three years. When I spoke to the psychologist over the phone, she briefly mentioned EDMR therapy and I'm just wondering if anyone else has every used this kind of therapy and whether of not it worked for you? Thanks!
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