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    Music!!!!, Guitar, Reading, Tarot, Eastern Religion/obscure religions, hiking, camping, art, fringe artists, photography, psychology, video games, being weird and artsy.
  1. This is a drive-by Hi.



  2. Thanks everyone! Olga: Yes, I'm gonna try for a masters.
  3. I finally got my diploma today. When I went through the graduation ceremony in December my final grades hadn't been calculated yet. I opened it up and saw Magna Cum Laude on it. I couldn't believe it. My overall GPA is a 3.3 which isn't high honors. I had no idea I even qualified for honors. I didn't understand it. I finally figured out that for whatever reason, the way my uni calculates honors just happened to omit my crappy transfer credits and the abysmal 1.69 GPA I got my first semester. While I definitely earned my honors, it was also by sheer dumb luck that ONLY the semesters I did well in (and was mentally stable) were included in the calculations. I'm totally dumbfounded...and sooo HAPPY! *does happy dance!!!
  4. I totally agree with you Olga. I was going to give a long winded response. Instead, heres a picture from my time living in LA.... One of the many reasons I hate Hollywood.
  5. Wow, I never thought about avatars being too offensive or triggering. I constantly see really offensive ones on other sites. Seems like people often pick the most offensive just to get a reaction or something. Guess I've gotten pretty jaded about it. However, I can totally understand how some can be triggering. I guess the question is if things should be censored or what should be. I didn't realize Yombotolompi's avatar was actually him. I find it pretty amusing though, but thats just me.
  6. Maybe you're right. However, in this situation maybe he deserves it?
  7. Wait, I'm confused. CNS, you are asking for support and sympathy? I'm stunned. I've been on CB a little while. In that time I've seen you be nothing but condescending, patronizing and just plain mean. You have been a complete jerk to people being vulnerable. And now you are being vulnerable, and you want support? I'm sorry but animal abuse, substance abuse etc. and basically ignoring your partner (playing video games?)=tough shit. It really sucks she left you. However, honestly if you treat ppl on CB the way you treat ppl in real life, I totally understand why she left. I hope you get yourself together.
  8. I have also been on 400mg of Seroquel. Several years ago I was taking 100mg at bedtime. An hour after taking it I had the same symptoms you have. My heart would be pounding so fast I couldn't take my pulse and I swore I was about to die. The pdoc refused to believe it was meds. She treated my for panic attacks. I took an EEG and it was normal. Once I stopped taking it the 'panic attacks' completely stopped. I tried Seroquel again a year ago and at 400mg I still get mild heart palpitations after taking it. If I take my ambien I fall asleep before I can experience the side effects of Seroquel. My new pdoc has offered Seroquel XR so it doesn't hit me so hard after I take it. Maybe you could try that? I haven't tried it yet. Good luck.
  9. dude:


    And sls needs to be like 20 minutes and you need to finish it. It's fabulous.

  10. I know for me, all my various MI's blend together. I have similar problems to you. I obsess over and over again about suicide (even when I don't want to hurt myself), and especially friendship and over people who have hurt me. I replay real or imagined conversations in my head, over and over. Its become much better, but thats mainly due to meds I believe. The insomnia you mentioned, the stress of the end of semester, and relationship issues are probably all contributing to the obsessive thoughts. I have really negative, obsessive thoughts when I'm depressed too. Can you get into see your pdoc asap?
  11. Hey DR, welcome back. I've been wondering where you've been. It great to hear from you.
  12. I'm in a similar boat as you. The 'friends' I met in various MI facilities turned out to be really shitty. Due to my MI, med issues etc. I haven't met anyone since moving to Houston three years ago. I've just started going out and doing things I enjoy, and I meet people all the time. I still don't have friends though I think going to a book/poetry reading would be a good start. Check out meetup.com and see if they is any groups you're interested in in your area. Even what you wear can help. I get the most surprising conversations just from some of the T-shirts I wear. I think just being yourself and doing what interests you will attract people. At the very least you'll be with like-minded individuals.
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