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  1. Thanks for the welcome jt07 I'm not sure whats worse either anxiety or depression.I had a fantastic childhood nothing but good memories so I don't know what my problem is!! It must be half the way my brain is wired and the other 1/2 how I percieve things? I always envy people who seem so sure of them selves and their glass is always half full!! But I guess you work with what yo got !!
  2. started allergy shots yesterday and only made my nose more stuffy. The ENT also wants to do a procedure called "turbinoplasty" next Tuesday which will shrink the turbinates (sacs in your nasal cavities) and make it easier to breathe after several days of bad congestion (healing). I hope its just days!! Then to follow in 2 weeks with 3 months of chemical cauterization ( once a month) The severe allergies have damaged my nose over time and these procedures are suppose to restore free breathing after a recovery period which sounds like hell I fell extremely anxious (deep breath) Olee
  3. Oh where do I start !! Usually happens one of 2 ways for me! I will be laying down(usually) fairly relaxed when all of a sudden a wave (the best I can describe it) comes over me... it feels like it travels from the top of my head to my feet in a millisecond. Suddenly I feel the extreme urge to get up and try to take a deep breath if I don't get one I start to panic.. The second way is I am up working and can be alone or in a crowded room and I just suddenly feel the need for air and that deep relaxing breath.I have found out that sometimes this is my asthma closing me up so I grab the recue inhaler and within minutes I'm better...sometimes not and the panic sets in with usually a feeling of tingling in the face and fingers Olee
  4. I feel for ya. I get this all the time, usually fall asleep quickly but within an hour I jump out of bed like I was slapped. Heart is racing and usuall have a hard time going back to bed let alone sleep. Usually end up taking a xanax if anxiety continues
  5. just to share I worked in a cabinet shop for 21 years and even with wearing dust masks.. I developed adult asthma. Now I have both a rescue inhaler and a maintenance inhaler. I fought using the rescue inhaler for quite awhile thinking that most of the time It was anxiety causing my air hunger.... well most of the time I am wrong.. I now use the resue inhaler and hyped or not I am breathing easier It just sucks getting old
  6. I think using a scale in your head to rate your current state of anxiety is a good self help therapy. It reminds me that I have been thru worse and am still here
  7. I think therapy would be a big help and will look into it..Thanks
  8. Hello This is my first post and I guess this is the place to share stories of anxiety/depression. Like you. I share this info in hopes of helping myself by talking about it, and in the sincere hope that others with similar experiences will know they are not alone or that their experience is not unique. So just a short background: I am a 58 year old male and have had some degree of anxiety since my mid 20's.I had a very very happy childhood and teenage years. As a worrier/pacer I have found my anxiety to grow worse over time.... the best I can remember, it started in my early 20's when I choked while drinking & could not get a full/deep breath so I began to panic. I also currently also have two ongoing physical problems that make it worse .. 1) sever osteo arthritis with hip scopes and hip replacement (still hurts to stand after 3 years) and multiple joint pain in low back, hands/wrist & knees. I have had 5 surguries to repair/help arthritis. 2) sever allergies (been tested) with shots weekly..worse symptom is nasal congestion. I get VERY anxious when I cant breathe thru my nose..I always start to panic and cannot get a deep breath.. I will start to think suicide!! 2 month ago I developed sever bronchitis with and unbelievable cough, I just could not control my coughing. I ended up fracturing (confirmed by x-ray) 3 ribs on the left side. Extreme rib pain, with you guessed it..difficulty breathing and especially getting that deep full relaxing breath. So now its hard to breathe and my nose is mostly congested..My God wheres the gun!.. Ended up getting addicted to Afrin. After using about 3 weeks Afrin stopped working altogether, so all I use now is a full bollte of saline 1.5 oz. with 2-3 drops of Afrin in it, thinking it might give short relief but without the chemical rebound symtoms, since its so diluted.........bronchitis gone but still have a nagging cough sinus congestion and lingering rib pain.... but it is getting better. Was put on Viibryd 10mg then 20mg. Upon using the 20mg I immediately began having severe anxiety, trouble urinating, loss of appetite.. dropped 15 pounds ..and felt like I was going insane...got off it immiediately. My Doctor weaned me off in two days since I had only been taking for 9 days. Today was my third day on Brintellix 5mg.....My appettite is better, anxiety is down, it seems a little to soon and is probably due to getting off the Viibryd, urinating also seems back to normal.. sex drive has diminished but probably due to age & anxiety/depression. Going to sleep still causes me high anxiety with the stuffy nose and rib pain. I usually take a xanax and a Zolpidem to knock me out. They gave me Oxycodon for the rib pain and trust me when I tell you I am not trying to be macho by not taking it..but it makes me fell tired and highly anxious at the same time..Does that make sense?/ I am trying a new round of allergy shots on Tuesday the 14th so Hopes are high Thankyou for reading and letting me share
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