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  1. Hal, i have been on trt now about 4 months and it has helped but my doctor has not checked my levels again, I did ask but she wants to wait until the 6 month point. I get 1ml a week every Monday and some weeks feel better than others. Are you on TRT now? If so how much are you on?
  2. Benchmade80


    Beautiful pic Miss dragon
  3. Hello kunta and welcome, you will find a lot of nice people here.
  4. Have at of you guys ever had your testosterone checked? Mine was low recently 265 and reference values were 250-1200. It supposedly can cause all types of problems with your mental health, I started TRT therapy 2 weeks ago.
  5. Did you ever get your t levels under control? I recently started TRT last week because my levels were 265
  6. I took it for 56 days for GAD/panic disorder and did not see any effect at all, started on 5mg then upped to 10mg then to 15mg. All I had was headaches from it, all in all it sucked for me but everyone is different. Glad it is working for a few of y'all.
  7. Tired of this freaking Brintellix

  8. Is anyone lose on it for that? I started exactly a month ago on 5mg for 7 days then on to 10mg. I am some better but still not myself, still having to take an average of 1 mg of Xanax a day.
  9. I'm on it for Panic disorder/GAD, I've been on it for exactly a month today, started at 5mg for 7 days and then to 10 mg. I am seeing some results but anxiety is still there just not as bad. Still having to take an average of 1 mg of Xanax a day.
  10. Cold clammy hands and feet, heart rate up, dizziness feels like I'm about to pass out.
  11. Is anybody else on this for panic disorder?
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